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  1. As long as we are tossing things out there, when are we going to start addressing correct "scale weight" in our replicas? ?
  2. That looks awesome! Don't you dare rat it up! God that paint is beautiful. Great work
  3. The term Rat Rod is too vague. If I take a model T and built a T-bucket it's a hot rod. If I build the same vehicle but use a non traditional body and bed (say a 50 Chevy truck) it's called a rat rod even if its fully finished and "shiny"?
  4. I have used tooth paste as a first step when restoring window glass on glue bombs. It even takes small amounts of paint off. I use it as a paste between my fingers then rinse. Works very well.
  5. I think as has been mentioned that the term "Rat Rod" has been overused to death. It's time for this whole style of rods to evolve a new terminology to define the different styles within their own culture just like "Hot Rod" really is not a good description.
  6. Very nice! Great job. What blue is that? The color is awesome
  7. Nice looking car. Good work. Does this kit come with the open trunk or was that your handiwork?
  8. I just have to say. Why design a whole new car to sell a concept. Instead of creating the Volt they should have developed the technology and adapted it to existing products. I can't stand the look of a Prius and the Volt isn't much better. Put that technology in a Mustang or Camaro and ill be more likely to buy it.
  9. I'm really diggin this. It's got a low sinister look. I love it. Good job
  10. Looking forward to seeing progress pics on that 69 Z Simon. Ive always loved this kit even though its not as detailed some others. That full chrome dual turbo setup sure is a pain in the butt.
  11. Some of us love primer even as a finished product. It seems every time I go to a car show I much more attracted to the primer jobs whether its a WIP or finished product.
  12. Don't let the paint get you down. I've done several beautiful paint jobs in a row just to totally blow the next one. It happens. I use Rustoleum spray cans for paint, primer and clear. I don't sand my clear though just polish it with Meguires. I've found that with paint its better to shoot a light "mist" coat followed quickly by a light coverage coat. I'll follow that up with a couple addition light coats allowing the previous coat to just set up for a few minutes. After paint I don't touch it again for a few weeks before clearing it and then it sits again before polishing. Seems to work for me but again, stuff happens.
  13. jcbigpaw

    53 Hudson

    Very nice. Clean and classy. Good work.
  14. Super nice build! Car looks great! I love to pick up a nostalgia kit now n then just to relive the memories. Maybe we should do a CBP? Again. Great job. I gotta get me one of these.
  15. I remember snow. My dad was in the army and everywhere we ever lived had snow. Even spent three years in Alaska! Since 81 I've lived in sunny central California and were still in the high 90s here ?
  16. Seems like a little 5 minute epoxy should hold it. Try the Gorilla Glue brand if you can. That stuff is amazIng
  17. Right now my work bench looks like numerous boxes in the garage because I turned my hobby room into a bedroom for the grand daughters. Hopefully this weekend ill get set back up and can send some pics of the new set up. Lol ?
  18. For the past 12 years I've been a City Letter Carrier for the US Postal Service (which means I'm still a newbie. Lol). I'm also a Drivers Safety Instructor, On the job instructor and A classroom instructor. All of which means usually only Sundays off with mostly 10hr days. I have a route in a nice neighborhood (mostly) and I walk 13 miles a day rain or shine in sunny central California. ?
  19. Hey Bryan those look great! How do you think theyr gonna hold up on the car? Are they really "delicate" or do you think they'll be okay. They turned out very nice. Good work. They really look like wire rims now m
  20. By the way. I just had my 61 Vw in for service and they said this is good for metric vehicles as well. It is important to match the year of your vehicle so you get the correct vintage though. Also, since these vehicles are air cooled be sure to have them put several cans of compressed air in.
  21. I usually only get burn out when I'm deep into a long build. I've found the best solution to be pushing it aside and building a quick kit pretty much straight from the box. I think some times you just need to finish something to move you again.
  22. Thanks again for all the love guys. In regards to the cowl induction idea, LOVE IT! That's basicly what I had on it but didn't want to cut the hood. Shoulda just cut it. Lol The wheels are from an old Monogram Vega from the late 70s that's lurking in my boneyard. Hard to believe I've had this since new. Maybe my next redo for the gluebomb thread. Lol (Here's a pic of the kit from the web)
  23. Great job. I've always loved this kit but I've never had one turn out this nice.
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