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  1. Other than being able to work from home (Which gives me an extra 2 hours of Free Time), and not being able to sit at my favorite Mexicain Restaurant, it's been business has usual. I been doing Click Pick grocery pick up for over a year now, my local hobby shop has been temporoay closed prior to all this due to health reasons. My lady was really sick with the flu, and in ICU back in February (Not related to Covid). I consider myself blessed through all this, and I do think about all the small businesses, and folks that are suffering because of this mess.
  2. Hey Der Folks, A couple new kits, and a FREE roll of Transfer Tape from Railroad Kits.
  3. Oh WOW! Thank you so much for the plant hanger idea, never thought of that. This is perfect for my needs!
  4. awesome! I have this kit, and I am thinking it might be my next build, thanks to your inspiration
  5. Hey Der Folks, Finally got the Hobby Room (aka the 2nd floor workshop) organized. Still need to work on adding storage shelves and bins in the big closet, build some shelves, hang the TV, and other little touches. However, the next priority is working on better lighting, but having a hard time deciding how to accomplish this task.
  6. I made some of these out of scrap wood
  7. Thank You for all the responses, it's greatly appreciated. -Steven
  8. First song I heard of his was "Illegal Smile" and the next day I went to the record store and purchased his album. -Steven
  9. Hi Folks, What is your favorite Putty/Seam Filler? I been using Tamiya White and Tamiya Grey with mixed results, and I have been wanting to try something else. Thank You in Advance, -Steven
  10. I been enjoying the series, very interesting information on the folks behind the companies. -Steven
  11. Right Arm! I seen them over 20 times. I must admit, I am not in to all that Hippy Dippy stuff, just love the groove. -Steven
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