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  1. Looking at the photos it's hard to tell what's BMF and what's foil , your hand is steadier than mine ! I guess we'll survive without using BMF . Seriously though , we're all critical of our own work but from what I can see it turned out great . . . Congrats !
  2. That looks great , I like your Vicky body !
  3. Perfect color for a '70 and nice detailing ! That diecast looks pretty nice too !
  4. Glad to hear , I'll go check it out !
  5. That dash and steering wheel look terrific ! I like the PE rivets added to the steering wheel .
  6. Beautifully done Jim ! I like everything you've done here , but the washes and detail on the engine really catch my eye . Excellent work !
  7. Haven't seen one of these built for a loooong time and yours is excellent ! The paint and added details along with the use of Spaztix really make it stand out , really nicely done !
  8. All decals have a clear lacquer coating or binder and as the decals age this coating degrades to a point where the decal disintegrates when dipped in water , the solution is to recoat the decals with a clear spray of some kind . A clear lacquer such as Testors works the best , but just about any clear will work . Be careful with acrylic clear sprays like Krylon . While they dry very flexible which is a good thing , the decals also end up being easily stretched . With small decals this isn't a problem but with larger decals the stretching will actually crack the ink as you apply the decal ruining your day . Also be aware that decal solvents and setting solutions can dissolve Krylon if over used also dissolving the ink , so use them sparingly . Clear lacquers don't dissolve as easily and don't stretch . Bottom line is you can use any spray clear but always try to test it first on your decals so there are no surprises .
  9. Wow ! Very very well done ! One of my favorite cars and driver from that era .
  10. TooOld

    1960 Chevy

    Beautiful custom Jim ! That color is gorgeous !
  11. That's gorgeous in blue with white interior , excellent job !
  12. Thanks Chris ! Thanks much Michal !
  13. Excellent ! Would never know you used decals instead of paint , those colors really look great !
  14. Oh that's sweet looking , love that color !
  15. That's a nice one Ray , Beautiful paint !!
  16. Those are soooooo coooool ! What a great concept and great workmanship !
  17. Thanks Chris ! Thank you Gareth ! Lots of patience and re-do's to get the foil done . Thank you David ! Thanks much Roger ! Lots of memories , especially while searching for photos of the original car . Thank you very much Carl !
  18. Like already has been said the color is perfect for this year Camaro and so is your choice of wheels . The added details to the engine are the icing on the cake , great job !
  19. TooOld

    Surf Woody

    Love it , great job Tony ! I really butchered one of these as a kid , may have to try another one !
  20. Glad to see this got bumped , seeing this a couple years ago inspired me to get off my but and build the one I had planned for years . Beautiful Dodge !
  21. You and me both !!! I actually cleared my bench and sat the body right in front where I would stare at it every day , I did that for two weeks before I got up the nerve to start cutting ! Thanks for the comment though I've seen plenty that are much better . The top for my convertible came from the Monogram '59 Impala kit . I hope you find a 2dr sedan one day or can convert a hardtop , it's a good feeling to build something that has a family history .
  22. When I tried the foil now available from BMF (I hate calling it new) I also had problems when cutting it , the blade not only pulled at the foil it also put little tears or rips in it all along the length of the cut . A complete mess ! Now I've used the last of my "New Improved" Chrome on the '60 Dodge so not sure about the next build . I can't blame you for throwing in the towel , I guess we have to start thinking old school and go back to painting all of the trim .
  23. Beautiful 'Cuda Roger , and a great story ! I like the "Dated" look myself , most of the cars I've ever owned ended up with that look .
  24. I can almost hear it starting up and rumbling out of the driveway , great job !
  25. Thanks very much Steve , you may have built your '60 years ago but it's still the nicest one around ! I used your photos for reference many times , it was a huge help !
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