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  1. How many builds?

    I have 6 Tamiya Sierras on the bench at the moment. Two are restorations of old builds, two are half finished projects from years past and two are new builds. Each of them will be built differently with different roll cages, exhausts, RHD conversions and dash layouts so there is enough to keep me busy for a while. I painted the bodies, interior and chassis pieces last year and have recently been focused on painting all of the small bits and sorting out all of the details that are specific for the version that I am doing at the time. Sometimes it seems that I have bitten off more than i can chew but I'll get them done.
  2. 1940 Ford Business Coupe V8

    That's a beautiful model Tulio. Seeing those models make me love those old Fords even more. Great work.
  3. Porsche 935-77

    Very nice. A mean looking race car that looks just as mean in scale. Top job
  4. 70 Javelin Mark Donahue

    A lovely well finished model Raoul. Such a great colour too. Good work.
  5. Amazing work Pat. Just needs some spider webs . Well done.
  6. Hasegawa Jaguar XJS TWR HE Triple build

    HI guys thanks again for the nice comments. Trevor, the radiator mesh is indeed PE and it's made by KA Models. It comes in a small sheet that can be cut to size for your own requirements. It's available from several sources on the net. Cheers ShawnS
  7. Holy cow that's brilliant, Great stuff Frank, well done.
  8. Revell Volkswagen Rabbit - Clearly Scale Engine

    Cool little VW. Well done.
  9. KenMary Skyline

    That's a mad looking little beast Luke. Great clean looking build with some killer photos too. Well done.
  10. Lovely build of a cool cop cruiser. I love watching 70's cop shows and movies and seeing the body language of those big ol things as the stunt drivers throw them around. Good fun.
  11. Hasegawa Jaguar XJS TWR HE Triple build

    Thanks guys. I'm very happy with the way the engine bay turned out, would you believe that it's only the third engine that I've detailed? I never used to like having to do them and I avoided them like the plague but I'm warming to them so expect more in the future. I've had a massive build season so far as I decided to finish some previously started builds so there are more models to come. Cheers ShawnS
  12. Hi all. This is a bit of a grail build for me after not having any real opportunity to buy at least one of these kits since they were originally released, I jumped at the chance to grab 3 of them upon their re-issue a couple of months ago. I always wanted to build the three TWR Jags that were entered in the 1985 Bathurst 1000 here in Australia. The race was won by the #10 car driven by Aussie legend John Goss and German touring car ace Armin Hahne with the #8 car driven by Tom Walkinshaw and Win Percy coming home in 3rd after splitting an oil cooler late in the race with the subsequent lengthy pitstop costing them the win. The #9 car driven by Aussie Ron Dickson and Brit Jeff Allam DNF'ed early in the race with mechanical issues. I decided to only build one engine and totally go all out on the detail and leave the other two as curbside. I added plug wires, throttle cables and linkages, added fins and a bracket to the alternator, fitted dual electric fans, rebuilt the two induction scoops and made the ducts from wire and teflon tape, added heat sheilding, scratchbuilt the twin oil coolers up front and added a lot of braided hose and fittings from several sources. I also remade the tow hooks and front brake ducts on all three cars. The rest is built as stock. The decals are a combination of kit, studio27, Pattos and my own. The build took a couple of months but they were fun to build with only the seat belts and the rear brake ducts causing any frustrations along the way and I would recommend the kit to anyone. Cheers ShawnS
  13. Scratchbuilt 1982 Aussie Ford Falcon

    Hi Smokey. I spent many hours searching the web for the best pictures that I could find. There are a few forums that have dedicated Falcon owners who post pictures of their cars and even do their own 1:1 WIP threads too so I was lucky that there are these guys who take pics of their cars when they strip them down. I also searched e-bay for pictures of parts that I was trying to replicate. E-bay provides a wide range of pictures from clean new and re-conditioned parts to whole assemblies that are covered with years of grime. I used an aftermarket workshop manual but it was of limited use as the pictures are very low -res and in black and white. I did also have a PDF of Fords own spare parts manual that came in very handy but I lost that in a computer hard drive crash as well as lots of pics of the build that I didn't save to USB (back up your files kids). At no stage did I have access to a 1:1 nor did I even attempt to seek one out so its all done from pictures but I was lucky enough to get some measurements from an owner of an XE Falcon that was a great help (thanks Glenn R.I.P.) I was very fortunate that I found pictures of everything that mattered even though it was frustrating at times. Hope that answered your questions. Cheers ShawnS
  14. Scratchbuilt 1982 Aussie Ford Falcon

    Wow thanks Alan it's been my pleasure to bring this project to everyone. Although I had scratchbuilt parts for other builds I had never even come close to doing things as complex as a lot of the parts for this build so I didn't know if I had it in me to even finish one model. One thing that I did want to get across was that I didn't come into this project as any sort of expert in scratch building and that I was learning along the way so you guys needed to know not just the highs but the mistakes and the feeling of frustration and even burnout that I went through over the years just the same as everyone else does. I think that you guys even taught me a thing or two as well so we all learned together. I didn't originally intend to give so much detailed info about how I went about doing things the way I was doing them but it became apparent that it was important to a lot of you guys that you needed to know and I was more than happy to continue doing it. I think that taking a lot of photos helped me as a builder too as sometimes I could see things in a photo that I couldn't with the naked eye so I had to keep things clean and that snowballs into a cleaner build all round. Thanks to everyone for your support over the years. Cheers ShawnS
  15. HI guys I've got a couple of works in progress with completed engine bays. First is Tamiya's BMW 635csi GpA. I added a few parts from an incomplete Fujimi 635 kit to get a little extra detail that Tamiya couldn't be bothered with. And finally Hasegawa's Jaguar XJS TWR HE. Plumbed and wired with some added extras to fill out the engine bay a little more. Without the air intake ducts With the ducts added. It's got scratch built twin oil coolers mounted at the front and it took a long time to sort all of that plumbing out. You cant see the twin electric fans and some of the other things that I added but they are there. Cheers ShawnS