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  1. Thanks for the replies, I appreciate it; and that's a good story to boot. Where I am in Michigan i went to drivers ed through the school district. Cut my teeth on Taurus station wagons lol. Not much cool factor. Upon a test of the decal sheet, the decal i used disintegrated in water (one of the small Revell logos on the sheet) With that said, I decided to go in a slightly different route. I rummaged through the decal box and came across 3 sheets of these. The Eagle one decals will be used, along with some from the current Civic Si kit (tuner option decals) and possibly the SVT Focus. The idea here is an old racer, in a slightly more modern time. I made a scan of the original Valvoline sheet but not in the mood to fiddle with printing.
  2. I don't know much about the different Mk. Versions of the old Revell kits, so I'll throw that disclaimer out there. It appears this kit is a street car with a race decal sheet. I'll build this built box with some added parts from the ubiquitous Nascar 80's kit. My version of the Golf Racer arrived sealed in original wrapping and bags, so the decals are in good shape. Unfortunately the steering wheel was broken so I'll be swapping it out. Also, the wheels provided didn't look too circuit-racy, so those will be swapped as well. I may even do a rear-seat delete, but we'll see.
  3. Frank, it looks like I removed the Saleen wing for another project that went dormant OR I misplaced it. I'm reorganizing this weekend and will try again.
  4. Great stuff for sure, decal work in that small area is one of my downfalls; so kudos to you. Good stuff!
  5. What Justin said, cars that are recommissioned for ride-alongs or show cars are often just hodge-podge bodywork. If you want to nail down the orig. go with a ford kit, hit Jayski.com for reference photos.
  6. Very slick, nicely done. Most go for the S14 and S15 so nice seeing this one done.
  7. No problem I should know late tues or early wed. at worst i'll keep ya posted.
  8. Frank I think I may have a spare Saleen wing from the Black Monogram Convertible kit if you still need it. May take me a couple days to find my box though. This is the kit that had the Fox Saleen wings.
  9. I agree, this is a great idea for this kit, can't wait to get one myself.
  10. I'm with you on that, Jon. Thats pretty awesome looking
  11. I recall these as well, great stuff. Those old TBird kits really challenge me to completion but you're top-notch.
  12. Nice sculpting on those headlights, would be even better than the sharpie method i'll def. be tuned in here
  13. Rob I envy you having the Revell Civic.. I fear I may not get one without shelling out much much more than i'd like. As for me this is my new addition
  14. I think his comment was just in comparison of the 05-09 style vs this one
  15. Seems like Academy DO make licensed stuff now mostly in 1/43 But on a side-note as to not clutter the board with a second thread, has anyone built one of those 'European Classic Cars'? I'm intrigued lol
  16. Nicely done! and yeah Glenn in other countries they are called Safety Car, but its what we consider a Pace Car
  17. Awesome job, and nice power transplant too! love it.
  18. I'm 31 and when i started building on my own at around 15-16 years old I had a similar setup. A folding chair, the basic 'square jar' paint colors A (1) brush and he plastic xacto. lol I think some of the joy in each completed build is acquiring additional supplies as you get more into it and go along. We all start somewhere, don't worry!
  19. I agree, those are very very nice and good luck with the seats and the rest. Sometimes the 'toys' can be fun jazzing up!
  20. Very well done, a lot better than the boring one on the box lol. Good stuff!
  21. Good info on the Revell kits as far as the dash setup, thanks for adding that
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