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  1. Subscribed! Zocchi is one of my favorite commisioners. He has a great knack for transforming odd ball iron into unique sleds that just look and sit sooo right. Good luck with the progress!
  2. Well put together, awesome job!
  3. I cant get over the clarity of the reflections on the 6th pic (mocked up in front of the monitor). Can I be the forth guy to call that paint work stunning?!? The rest of the build follows suit. Great build man!
  4. Awesome work Jason! The rear set up came out great. Keep it goin!
  5. Albie D

    Ice ManX

    That looks sick! I love 'em low too. Suspension travel is way overrated!
  6. Jason, whats up dude?! Im getting some stuff done, but my work is crazy busy right now. I own a bakery and the holidays are full bore for me, Im shooting to have it done the weekend after Thanksgiving, dead tired or bust! The Billy Gibbons book is recommended. Great cars and his awesome guitars. The question is though...whats up with the Merc?!? Any progress? We want to see man..
  7. Awesome slammer in both senses! With a stance like that who needs an engine? Great paint too.
  8. The stance, wheels, and paint are great. But the interior is awesome. Simple, but done super clean. I must drink too much coffee, I could never detail like that..
  9. Late to the party, but I gotta give you your props. That sled is off the hook! Great work man..
  10. Not into modern stuff, but that car is clean as heck. Great finish and photography!
  11. That Bel Air is super clean. Any more pics?
  12. Love this car! Got a build thread/under glass? I must've missed it.
  13. Looking forward to this build. Love that someone is casting a tuck-n-roll. Perfect!
  14. Judging by the reflections, thats the smoothest Pinto Ive ever seen. My uncle had one with a built Windsor back in the day. The pass. side door would pop open and it couldnt get alligned because the V8 twisted the pan!
  15. Albie D


    Cool cruzer. Great paint, stance and wheels!
  16. Welcome back to the sport! Looks like you can step right back into the ring with the pros. Great build!
  17. Thanks guys. Thats a good idea, but one that I dont think I could pull off without it looking hacked. I was thinking of using a Dremel sanding drum and carefully sanding away at the fontside "bead" of the tire untill the rim lip sits more flush...I dunno. Honestly, Im pretty happy with it as is, it's got a cool stretched look and sits right, plus I'm rounding the final straight of this build and adding one more thing to the "to do" list is not on my agenda. On the flip side though, you got me thinkin'...
  18. Cool rod! Id like to try my hand at patina, looks like fun..
  19. I was thinking the same thing. But clearance is too tight to push a tire outward to sit flush with the lip. Id have to shorten the rear axle and lose the abilty to pose the front tires. I do think they work well with the late kustom/ pre-historic, post-bomb lowrider vibe Im going for. Think of them as 5.20 Premium Sportways (if they made a wide white) stretched on a reversed chrome wheel. Thanks for the feedback, thats what I like about this site!
  20. Awesome build! Great paint, and done in under a week? Too much man..
  21. This build is just too cool. Love the dual headlights and Carson top. That engine is inspiring! After seeing all these killer Olds builds, I had to pull the trigger and order one myself!
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