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Found 11 results

  1. Researching traditional 1932 Ford frame modifications I found this reference and thought it might be a good subject car to model. It could be done as it was back in 1954 or as it is today. The story is cool, the pics are cool. https://carpyscaferacers.com/long-lost-32-three-window-found/
  2. http://www.vanpeltsales.com/FH_web/flathead_partsdrawings_links.htm A gold mine of reference material on flathead Ford V-8s and chassis parts.
  3. hey guys, I'm looking for reference photos for a hopped up version of the 4 banger flathead in the 31 woody Revell kit. The kit comes with an ohv conversion and a few other speed goodies. I'm looking to plumb and wire it for a dragster so the water inlets will be capped off.
  4. This build is inspired by the very early front engine dragsters such as Dick Craft’s “The Bug” and the HA/GR H.A.M.B dragsters. It will be built as a “barn find” brought back to life in all it’s rusted and dirty glory. The imagined builder was on a budget with limited resources. This build would not pass any current inspection and was inspired by the days when guys risked life and limb in the name of speed. Most parts are from the 31 Revel Woody kit. the rear end is from the 50 AMT chevy truck. front tires from the wild willie borsch kit. Seat, gas tank, break lever and pedals are scratchbuilt The plan is to convert the 2 port Riley OHV head to a 4 port head w/ straight header pipes. A crude, square role bar is in the works. Question/Advice: should I keep the front mounted gas tank? Were there mechanical fuel pumps for these motors? I could feasibly tuck a fuel can behind the firewall to provide a gravity fed fuel delivery. The battery will have to be front mounted since the seat is on top of the rear end.
  5. This is a 32 ford rat rod I built back in 2001. Chopped and channeled over a Zed frame. Flathead V8, aftermarket finned heads, scratch built carb breathers and headers. Piecrust slicks out back, whitewalls & steelies up front.
  6. hey guys, I'm looking for reference photos for a hopped up version of the 4 banger flathead in the 31 woody Revell kit. The kit comes with an ohv conversion and a few other speed goodies. I'm looking to plumb and wire it for a dragster so the water inlets will be capped off.
  7. Hey guys, I'm slowly getting back into scale modeling after about a 16 year hiatus. I was active in the ACME club back in the day before moving to Asheville in 2003. Dusting off my tools and digging into the parts boxes to see what I've got. My interests are: early hot rods, rat rods, early dragsters, flatheads and the rusted crusty type of builds. Hopefully I can post some pics of past and present projects and meet some cool folks along the way.
  8. I built this car about a year and a half ago, but it's never been an MCM WIP, or shown in the Under Glass section. A couple of MCM regulars asked me if I had a few more pictures to share, so I thought that a mini WIP would provide them with some added pics and info on the car. So, to begin, I started with Revell's excellent 1:25th 40 Ford kit. The first order of business was to give it a hair cut. I sliced some Tamiya 6mm tape in half to create some ~3mm strips. These were used to remove a consistent scale 3" from the roof pillars. After adding some length back into the roof panel, it looked like the fit was close enough to continue.Notice how the B pillars were removed just below the drip rail in a "T" section. This will allow the pillar to be aligned with the lower pillar in the fore-aft direction. Still no putty yet. At this point the plastic used to lengthen the roof panel was filed down and primed. The roof was then glued in place with some liquid styrene cement. Considering I haven't reached to putty stage yet, the roof was looking pretty good. Still no putty yet. A layer of sheet styrene was added at the C pillar to provide enough material to level the roof panel with the stub on the body.
  9. Happy New Year to you all. I think and ponder too much, and then finally translate my thoughts into plastic and other media. This in not a good formula for getting a lot done, but I enjoy it. Here's my completed builds for 2011 32 Ford Sedan 57 Chevy Black Widow convertible
  10. Here's my entry for the Revell/Gearz contest. At lease I hope I'm entered. There's no acknowledgement after you press submit. Paint is Tamiya Purple and Racing White; my first two-color paint job.
  11. Started this one about a year ago using an AMT 29 Ford roadster kit I picked up at the 09 Kustom Kemps Lead Sled Spectacular in Salina, Ks. After a year of off and on building, she's finally done. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't very good today, so I had to settle for some indoor shots with less than ideal lighting. I appreciate everyones interest that followed along with my WIP. It can be seen here: http://www.modelcars...showtopic=22135
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