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Found 8 results

  1. Here are a few car kits announced for a 2019 release: AMT 1138 -- 1/25 1969 Chevy Chevelle Hardtop AMT PP21 -- 1/25 Custom Caps & Wheels Parts Pack (4 each) MPC 906 -- 1/25 Ridge Runner (Pinto) Modified Race Car MPC 911 -- 1/25 1969 Pontiac Firebird Convertible Polar Lights 960 -- 1/24 Coca-Cola VW Beetle (Snap) Polar Lights 965 -- 1/25 Classic 1966 Batmobile (Snap) AMT 1151 -- 1/25 Dyno Don Nicholson's Mercury Cyclone Eliminator II Funny Car
  2. Hi everyone, Here's a build I finished up a couple months ago but neglected to post photos of. It's Donnie Allison's 1969 Mercury Cyclone II. Or sort of. He never drove the flat-nosed Cyclone II, just the "W" nose. But I only realized this halfway through the build and decided to just finish it as-is. It's the Polar Lights re-release from a couple years ago and goodness was it a lot of trouble! The chassis fit was poor, engine details were soft, and of course it wasn't even the right car. Not wanting to waste too much on a kit that isn't up to par, I built this out-of-box. One nice thing about this kit is that you get 2 full engines. I went with the 427 and added the 429 to the spare parts bin. The red is Tamiya acrylic flat red shot through my airbrush, and the gold is a Mr. Color lacquer that is just stunning. I used Testors Ultra-Gloss Clear (I think). I used the kit decals and they were very nice. The chrome pieces were too bright, so I sprayed some Tamiya TS-79 semi-gloss clear over them. Despite all the issues, I enjoyed the build and am pleased with the result. And as this uploads I think I'll go pour myself a glass of Coke... Thanks for looking, Jake
  3. Just finished building my Polar Lights Lost in Space Robot kit. And I'm pretty pleased with how it turned. Other than the Robot's power pack has gone missing. I was just painting it a couple of days ago. Without it, how am I going to give the Robot orders to cease and desist with his firing of his electrical bolts from his right claw? For that matter, I wonder how he's doing that without his power pack? Speaking of the power pack missing. Where is Dr. Smith?
  4. This model was intended to be a quick build to participate in the Theme class at the Spirit of Speed Model Contest held at the NHRA Museum last Sunday, November 4th. I have a hard time building for contest themes because I am usually heavily involved in some long term build, and just don't usually have time to build for them. But in this case, I had some time, and had a kit and an idea I had kicked around for a while, "What would Speed Racer's Mach V look like if it were a real race car and not a cartoon?". Well, I thought I would find out! I decided to make it period correct with details on the race cars around the mod to late sixties, also when the series was first running. Details and styling cues were borrowed from the GT 40, of course, as well as the Lola T70 and 427 Cobras. I started with the Polar Lights 1/25 scale kit (which actually looks a little smaller), and had some HRM GT-40 wheels and tires I got from my friend Randy Ditton at Mode Builder's Warehouse (www.modelbuilderswh.com). I had to open up the rear wheel wells and add flares to fit the tires, but the fronts fit right in. I also decided to flip the headlights over, since no real race cars had them on the underside at the time. I thought about making it rear-engined, but the proprtions were off to be able to do that, so I scribed a hood, added a hood scoop, and side pipes to represent the engine being up front. I added a roll bar and re-did the interior, and added Pro Tech accessories for the windshield nuts and spoiler bolts, hood pins, and fuel cap (available at scaleproshop.com). See the WIP HERE Hope you like it, and thanks for looking!
  5. The upcoming Spirit of Speed model show at the NHRA museum this November has a Movie/TV theme class, so it inspired me to throw something together. I’m going to do a “What if Speed Racer’s Mach V was a real car?” So I am converting the Polar Lights kit to a realistic period-inspired race car. I’ll be borrowing style elements from Shelby Cobra, Ford GT40, and Lola T70 references from about the time the cartoon was first out. First thing I did was flip the headlights over, and open up the rear wheel wells to fit a set of GT40 wheels from Historic Racing Miniatures I got from my good friend Randy at www.modelbuilderswh.com.
  6. I'm cranking this unfinished project back up after a long absence from the bench. It is the Polar Lights Willys kit with various parts box pieces and such. I'm using several donor pieces from the AMT '33 Willys kit too. Surprisingly the donor '33 interior fits almost perfectly, but I'll have to modify it some. Comments welcome - thanks for looking and hope to post more soon.
  7. These are the pre-painted polar lights "snap" kits, i added a little paint on interior and engines and changed the wheels on 2 of them. Each took one afternoon after work to complete, i did these to take a break from my problematic stalled builds. Anyway here they are:
  8. Also posted in the Batcave CBP thread... Polar Lights snap kit Batmobile...built box-stock, just finished it last night. Body, wheel centre spinners and the "Dynamic Duo" are pre-painted. Detail painted interior and chassis. BMF on the canopies. Drilled out the missile tubes. Fun build of one of my long time favourite TV vehicles that I've waited over 40 years to build!( I have the glue kit at my LHS that I'll pick up next week, plus I already have the 1/32 Aurora re-issue yet to build) Makes a good companion for my last build (shown in 3rd picture below)! Enjoy...please offer comments and questions! Thanks for looking! There are more pictures available here.
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