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Thanks Joe & Tom,

I built a control panel to work the hydraulics and brackets to support the storage compartments. I also decided that it needed some fuel tanks and found some tanks in my truck parts boxes the right size I was looking for. Here's a mock up of where I'm going with this.





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I am simply AMAZED at that roll back! That looks KILLER and nicely detailed! Did you scratch that or buy it to assemble? It looks to be scratched, but I know on Ebay you can buy them and look much the same!

I get to it later on, I may do a scratch version of my own!! BUT I will be adding mine to some sort of Dodge truck...... :rolleyes:

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I went back to have a look through all the build here, and I got to ask, where'd you get the tool boxes? They look as tho they're cast resin, are they? I'm doing a work truck, thats going to have a Utility bed on it, and I'm scratch building it, so I'm looking for parts if I can find anything as I will be needing the door handles/latches to each of the doors on it..... Know of anywhere such details can be had? Needless to say, I'm gonna need my share of them (I'm making a 10 foot utility bed so..... I also got to come up with a welder, (sizing) to have it made fit to the bed nearest the cab!

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John I picked up both the roll back bed and the tool boxes on eBay. The roll back is a nice scratch built. I've seen on eBay where someone has the handles that your looking for they maybe PE.

Thanks Ira

Carl I'm going to put some kind of light bar or some sort of flashing lights I have not thought those details out yet. Do you have any ideas? The only light bar I have in my parts box is the one with the JoHan Fury cop car.

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I was wondering if you would go old school or new modern. i saw some of the newer types on ebay a while back but they was clear. Some model master amber would fix that. Thats one thing i don't have is light bars...

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