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Peterbilt Devil's Cut Whiskey Hauler

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This build was inspired by the custom truck designers like Randy Grubb's Pissed off Pete, Tom Daniels show rods, and wandering thru the rat rod area of the local Syracuse Nats car show.I had a few trucks parts laying around, and after chatting w a model buddy..he prodded me to build our version of a show rod.

The plan was to combine the Lil Tanker barrel, Pete 359 cab, and a HUGE Detriot 12V71 for wicked power ....follow along!

I started w a vintage Pete 359..the one w the odd green glass no less! I wanted an aggressive chop , so out came the tape and marked out the sections to remove. 


After careful testing, a few small corrections..and slowly gluing things back together..we had a proper wedge chop..

An aggressive truck like this needed a scratchbuilt frame to keep the rod look..evergreen tubing was used for the frame, z'd the front, and c notched the rears


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I wanted the body laying frame..so a custom rear suspension would be needed. The straw poll all said BAG IT !!! I took a few O rings and attached to a spare Lonestar Axle..and built a semi 4 link rear end.

Mock up time !!! I wanted the semi truck theme throughout the build so a set of Mobuis wheels were used..the huge rear tires were sourced from evil bay

The back was looking good so far..but what about the front?  Several ideas tossed around..radius rods, hairpins, etc...I settled on unequal length radius rods. Now i needed "batwings" huh???  Speeedway catalog arrrived, and the muddy waters cleared!!

stay tuned.. 

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My buddy had a 1/16 scale  Bob Daudek machined metal axle perfect for this build. The larger scale would keep the scale fidelity of the semi truck appearance. Taking his advice, I pinned a few plastic rods together and did a front mockup.

All the plastic tubing would eventually be swapped over to polished Albion Alloys tube..

There's more to come..enjoy!

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K, last one for tonite!  The kit grill from the Pete wrecker was too wide for the rod chassis..so the center was removed. The width of the pete emblem was about right. The emblem would be replaced later using the "foil casting " method ...another new skill to learn!

The grill also needed surgery for he new height, so emergency gastric bypass removed the unnecessary belly fat. I loved the slats the pissed off pete had on its grill, so plastic strip was chosen for mine.

Thanks for watching ! 

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Doobie- glad my unintended help was helpful!  The frame was really simple using hot rod chassis for ideas!hope ya decide to build one, it's very addicting. 

If there's any area ya want more pics of ask..I have a bunch of mock up pics .

More tonite! 

Oh...spoiler alert..if you happen to wander into the pics of the Fulton truck show this wknd, you'll see the finished build! 


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Thanks Tom! I had to wrap these builds up after hearing some fantastic news !!

I figured I better show a picture that inspired this build

Heres the finished grill after foil casting..a VERY useful technique..and adding my signature light bulbs.The headlights were so big, they actually show under the lenses! Rod turned using my motor tool..

after all the mock ups it was off to paint!!  My buddy advised the combo, and it was perfect for the rod. Testors Blazing Back lower, and White lightning Pearl for the roof.

the frame was Gloss Black from the can too. 

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I went old school for the interior, wanting to try painting a convincing heavy, knotty  wood grain. The dash was painted in several sessions, layering colors like weathering armor. The roof headliner trim  received the same treatment. The actual headliner was a wrapper from a very tasty popular ice cream bar!!



The steering wheel was painted Phonetian cream..keeping the retro theme going


While the cab was drying, the plastic rods used during mock up were replaced w polished 2mm aluminum rod from Albion Alloys.The rod ends and hardware are from rb motion,


close up of the bat wings..


everything attached to the fantastic machined axle from Bob Daudek


Thanks for looking !

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Finishing up the build here..time for those sick, smoothy headers!  I used silver solder for the headers, rolled over pvc pipe to prevent dings, and mounted in holes pre drilled in the "buzzin dozen". 



Looking at pics of the "32 Ford, the quintessential  and most recognized hot rod ever,  I wanted to pay homage to the body mounted pitman, and long drag link. This also kept my headers even on both sides.

Tying the headers to the exhaust stacks( KS tubing) , I used another hot rod theme..lake pipe!I 





The lettering was model RR waterslides, the name you wonder??? What else would a hot rod Pete carry in that tank ?/ lol!! 

Any questions or comment welcome!



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Thanks for all the comments !! This build so much fun , breaking all the normal "rules" and just allowing the model to express its attitude. Part of modeling for me is learning about real trucks, chassis, and such.I ve watched everyone use these skills here everyday,  I just borrowed a few 

Since the bird is cooking, a few quick outside pics were in order. enjoy! Hope I dont get banned for the license plateB)







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