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  1. If you would need any reference pics or measurements PM me and I'll happy take some off of my 78. Great start to a mostly underappreciated car!
  2. Seeing as I suggested the VannonBall last year I strongly support that one!
  3. What a great looking truck! Everything works extremely well together.
  4. Despite my silence, the Slant Sickness has been done for quite some time now. Between work, school, and other projects I've not been able to post up the final pictures. So here we go. Any questions let me know.
  5. There is a whole lot of it. I know dad had the car for quite some time while the owner was getting the chrome refinished.
  6. The old scanned in picture has to be from around 1988 or 1989, 10 years before I was born. The modern day pictures are from 2012 at a local car show. Sorry that they are such strange views, I was too young and stupid to use a camera lol. The car was completely untouched from the day my dad last touched it. Dad recognized it almost immediately. The color is regularly for a Chevy Beretta, and is the same as is on my mom's 65 GTO.
  7. Reminds me of a 1:1 car my dad restored for a customer around 30 years ago. I don't have pics handy but the one you showed was basically the car dad restored. That particular car was off because it was a stock Blue Flame 6 that the owner didn't want to change. I'll post some pics if you're interested. I'm definitely on board for the nostalgia. This will be excellent just like your other builds.
  8. This is 100% right. I've got a CMG and have previously built the 67 4-in-1. You could mod the heck out of the stock body but you're still not gonna have the frame. I've not built mine yet but it's a partially started builder so that's what it shall be.,
  9. Thanks guys! Kinda my thoughts too Rick. I originally wanted to do a 70s car but i thought this fit the bill alright. Any windy turns at speed could be interesting too with the old school straight axle. I'd originally planned to use Mustang II IFS from a Monogram 37 Ford Sedan, but it was pretty fiddly and nothing wanted to fit together after paint. So i scrapped that idea and started over.
  10. This is my build for this years cannonball run. The theme of course is inline engines. I had a few options to choose from. Model A Flathead four, 50 Chevy 5 window Straight 6, and 2 Chrysler 225 Slant 6. One of the Slants won out of course and i decided it had to be turbo. I originally wanted to do a lackluster 70s Mopar- think Volare or lame Duster- in a style inspired much by the Rotsun from Roadkill. But I didn't have either of the 2 cars, and really didn't need to buy another kit, so I decided to dig in the parts box. My neighbor gave me a 34 Ford body with a bunch of other parts, so i felt compelled to use it. I had other parts leftover from my early days of building (extreme gluebombing. Lol) when I'd had a 34 that i butchered into a rat rod and put on a 50 F1 frame. So i dug those out, along with stealing a turbo off of an old testors Porsche that i glue bombed at around the same time. And thus, Slant Sickness was born. No complete kits have been butchered for this build at all. I have robbed some kits of being built with box stock custom options however, but i didn't plan to use these parts on those cars anyway. I'll shut up and post up some pics. Any comments, suggestions, or ideas are welcomed!
  11. Get down with the (Slant) Sickness! Introducing the start and rudimentary mockup of my turbo 225 Slant powered 34 Ford 5 window. Gonna go with a heavy patina on the body, and I'm sticking with the Roadkill inspired hater pipe exhaust. I originally planned to use a Mustang II IFS from a Monogram 37 Ford, but it refused to cooperate so we're going old school. Front frame rails aren't exactly straight but that simply is a result of all of the torque and horsepower the 225 is putting out. Lol
  12. I think one of the Moebius Ford trucks has a 300 Inline 6 in it. The 69 i think. I'd think there would be a few people chiming in with a Cummins diesel in something. I think there's one of them made by Trailer Trash customs? Don't quote me on that but i do remember seeing a resin cast 5.9 somewhere on this board before. I'm having a ball with my 34. Just need to take some pics to post up. I've not had this much fun with a model in quite some time. Probably because I've not built a complete parts box sourced hot rod in an eternity. I'll post some pics of my current progress when i get a chance to.
  13. Here's my plan. Parts box special. I have the option of 34 ford 5 window coupe, or 29 Model A roadster or closed cab pickup for the body. Big prostreet tires from the USA 1 Corvette. Chrysler Slant Six from last year's Dodge 330 with a turbo pirated from a glue bomb Porsche. Everything is simply in the mockup stage right now. Not sure how I'm gonna design everything yet. Subject to change as usual.
  14. Big congratulations to Bruce! I've got a few Straight cylindered powered hot rod ideas for next year already swirling through my devious head. Nothing as radical as the Dodge from this year or as over my head as the 50 Ford truck from the Aussie Ball that I still haven't finished. My main goal for these is to show improvement, which comparing the 2015 Sleeper Cougar to the Dodge from this year is quite a difference. Next year I'm thinking of maybe doing a few cars for this CBP, I've got like 4 Straight sixes and inline fours with no homes, and 3 old hot rod bodies and frames just needing some inspiration.
  15. Same problem for me with voting. Went through if I voted for 2. Wouldn't go if I only voted for 1.
  16. I've posted it here before, but here's an update on it. 1990 Chevy Astro EXT. It's my year round daily/show car/beater. I was brought home from the hospital as a newborn in this thing. I've rebuilt it from the ground up over this last year. It's been re-powered with a newly rebuilt 350 SBC in place of the 4.3 V6 that spun a bearing a little over a year ago. Last pic is from where we swapped the complete subframe. Second to last pic is at a local car show, most people there freaked when I said it had a 350 rather than the old V6.
  17. Well I posted my Dodge to the finished builds. That Ferrari is gorgeous Dave! Looks like I've got some competition lol.
  18. Well I guess I'll post my Mopar up first. 1964 Dodge 330 built using the Lindberg kit. Mods: Engine: Viper V-10 from Revell Dodge Sidewinder concept truck Body: Widebody built using styrene parts sprue stuffed through a plastic welder, hood scoop from MPC Ford Offroad van, dechromed body, smoothed firewall Suspension: Monogram NASCAR Front suspension,Viper rear suspension (from same Revell Sidewinder) Undercarriage: Revell NASCAR fuel tank and exhaust, reworked floor pan and transmission tunnel to accommodate massive V-10 Interior: Custom Rollcage, modified NASCAR seat, custom gauge cluster reworked from Monogram NASCAR Rolling stock: Revell 78 Firebird wheels with NASCAR slicks Paint: Duplicolor Mirage Tri-Coat. Flips from Purple to green primarily
  19. Vans! However I could make something work for Inline if it would win. Assuming that the Chrysler 225 Slant six would be included. I have 2 of those with no other ideas for them. lol. But vans are still my first choice
  20. I've said it once and I'll say it again. If Revell decides to model a 78 Thunderbird they can use mine for all of the measuring they want! Young kids (sorta) have a thing for the big 70s boats. I've got the Thunderbird and my best friend has a 79 Lincoln Continental and a 75 Mercury Monarch. I'd love to see somebody make the Thunderbird along with a 85-94 Astro van. The Fujimi exists but it's a lame-o 2nd gen. Harder to stuff a V8 into a newer one. The early ones make a pretty nice hot rod with a 350 between the rails.
  21. Thanks guys! I researched the weathering out. Plus as I was building this a couple of 70s Venturas showed up at my local junkyard to make reference that much easier.
  22. If the tires on tour 1:1 look like those I don't think it's a driver Thanks for the laugh Bill.
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