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1950 Talbot-Lago Record Kustom Paint is on!!


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nice !

Thanks Richard!

I really like where this project is headed,very curvy,smooth and art deco influenced.What company released this kit?

Thanks Tom, I'm very pleased with the lines of the body. The base is the Heller 1950 Talbot Lago Record, with the roof of an AMT 1957 Ford T-bird crafted on, and the wheels are from a Monogram 1956 Ford T-bird!

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Very nice, unusual project. I like it, I'll be watching.

Thanks you Paul, glad you like this slightly odd idea I have!

Glad to see this one back on the bench - beautiful!

Thanks, same here. I just haven't had time or energy to work on it until now when I decided properly on a deadline.

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I decided to do one last thing before the new layer of primer. At first, I thought of having bumpers both front and rear, but after looking at some art deco style cars, I decided not to have any bumpers. That meant I had to remove the bumper mounts in the front. It turned out really nice and is a huge up for the body lines in the front!



And after:

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Thank you all! The removal of the bumpers and mounts really did it for me.


I'm going to let the body sit for a few days before tackling the last parts to smooth out, and meanwhile I'll start looking into the chassis and continue on the interior.

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