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Finally done... This kit came out in 2015 and has 124 parts. When I order it, I though it was going to be a fun built. But this kit had different issues that it was not so easy like I thought... When I start to cut the plastic it remind me of the same plastic was used on the Renault 16, that was a middle 60's kit! There are few errors easy to correct, like the front "spoiler" that on the kit is straight down, when in the real car it sit in an angle. When you adjust it on the body, you need also to trim the chassis, if not is not going to fit. I painted the inner fenders before glue them to the body, because if you glue them first and after paint it could be difficult to reach all the area. On the instructions it says to put the engine on the chassis and after attach the body. I suggest to attach the body to the chassis first, and after put in the engine, it is easyer. Also I had to replace the windshield wipers, the one on the kit were too short.
The bad thing, considering the kit is new, is that doesn't have lenses for the headlight. Instead in the box there are different parts from the Citroen 2CV kit. :D
Anyway it was fun to build it, I really enjoyed it and I decided to leave mine without door and windows, it make more a summer car. :DI also put old style license plate, I think they fit the car better than the newer the kit has.

 The WIP link

Here some picture.






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Thank you Keith! :)

You did a beautiful job, in spite of the kit's anomalies.

Thank you Peter! :) At some point I tough to put the kit on standby... :D

I LIKE IT!!!!!  I did the green one......

Thank you Thomas! :) Green was my second choice of color, the lime green one. But my uncle had a orange one so I went for that. 

For all the problem you had, it turned out great.

Thank you Scott! :) It is a little fighter as kit... :D

Nice work.

Thank you Tony! :)

That's an interesting build. You don't see any of those around in any scale.

There are a few out there, mostly in 1/43 scale. Also when I was looking to reference for my build, I saw some 1/87 and a 1/18.

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Where's the rest of it lol

Joking aside, nice work

:D:D:D The kit has also windows and doors, but I like it in bikini, it is a summer car... :D Thank you Steve! :)

Exactly, this has to be the best build of this kit that I have seen yet (even with the correction of the front underpanel!)

The underpanel was bugging me since the beginning. After fixing it, needs to be cut a small piece of the chassis, so it will fit the body. Thank you Helmut! :)

Very nice work indeed :)!

Thank you Ray! :)

stunning work !!! better then factory fresh :)

Thank you Richard! :)

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