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'90s GMC TopKick C7500

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Thank you, guys, for your comments! 

To finish this build I desided to weather dump bed inside. After couple of heavy loads (especialy - gravel) paint starts to slide away, leaving a bare metal, which starts to rust.

I started with silver alkid and dry brush. This is example of a wrong way:
So the next stage was to cover all this nightmare, using air brush with Mr Hobby's Burnt iron. The paper on photo is template. The corners were sprayed with matt black. And dots of rust were squirted from hard brush. My first attempt. I guess I must change the brush & try different paint thickness

Also I learned to use pigment powder to make ground, stuck on the corners. First I fill corners with PVA glue and strew the powder over it. Then press it down with a brush. When I got powder soaked with glue, I srtew a little more powder over. PVA leaves rubber like tape, when it dries, and it is better to cover it with a powder.
Next I sprayed it all using Mr hobby matt varnish with minimal preassure to fix the powder.
Tell me - what do you think about this work?

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I have been following this build from the beginning, I am really impressed with how it is coming along. Glad to see that you are so close to the finish line. 

It looks wonderful. Can't wait to see it done. 

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Hello, Sergey! You have done incredible job! For sure I am waiting to see the pictures of the truck outside, as well as I would like to ask you if you plan to make an engine for the truck?


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  Sergey ,

              I really like this project. The cab is looking really good. I also like the weathering in the dump bed. 

It looks to me like you nailed the look !


    Be Well


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