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Trumpeter 1964 Falcon Sprint Pro Touring


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Been awhile since Ive posted up here and figured Id share this one.. Me and 1tim1 did ours as a buddy build.. I led the way and he followed behind me on his build... He did a great job for his first kit bash..


Started off with the Trumpeter kit... Shaved the antenna off,smoothed firewall and inner fenders and opened up the vents in the hood... Paint is PPG Ford dark Shadow gray with PPG shopline clear..Black wah and BMF tie up the outside..

Started next on the chassis with front suspension from the 38 Ford Lindburg kit.. In back,I used the back half from a 41 Willys prostreet kit..I used coil overs from Futurattractions in the back.. Found a fuel cell in parts box for it. Zman wheels and DM brakes add final touches

For the motor I used the 2013 Boss Coyote motor..I added a billet oil cap and braided PCV lines.I used braided rad hose from Pro Tech and Detail master fittings..I scratch built the intake tube and filter from parts box.. I made my own headers and used the collectors from Sweet scale Detail.. I also made the exhaust and used mufflers from VCG resins..

Interior was mostly stock except for detail painting,BMF and flocking..

Here it is hope you all enjoy















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