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Peerless logging trailer and Autocar rig UPDATED 12/28/17

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Been tinkering with this. Being mostly scratch built while using some kit parts....

springs and a Les are from the Lindberg Dodge L700 trailer kit and re worked into a pivotable suspension. 

Draw bar is Evergreen and is functional.

right now I'm building the bunks that go on top of the trailer and rig. This will have an Autocar rig in front of it when I'm done with both!!

brake lines are plumbed and need to run lines to the front!!!


Second pic with rear slid forward





Trailer bunk mount...


 Bunk mount going onto truck


trailer as it sits now....



tell me whatcha think on it!!!!!!


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Thanks all, having fun building this!!!!!!! Air lines aren't to hard to do. I don't know if these are

to scale but I'm using the cords from ear plugs from where I work.... I've used them for fuel lines on Top Fuel dragsters too!!!! These will be painted over when I paint the trailer!!!!!!

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Got some paint on it today, it will be weathered and worn as it goes together!! Front bunk laying under trailer. Still deciding if I want it mounted to a fifth wheel or build a swivel plate and mount directly to the frame!!?? Autocar rig will be two tone white and the green this is in.....


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told ya it  was going to a good home !! Lol

cant wait to see more , I'm off to get more popcorn

lol, got the tires and wheels together last night at work..... love those slow nights!!!!!! Pics coming soon...

grab the butter too!!!!!

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Good looking project Kerry. i like the A-car for the tractor !



Be Well


Thank ya Marc!!!!!! I need to get pics of this and get them up. It's close to being done already. Have to paint the bunks and do some weathering on it and make up a tail light, mud flap rack out back yet!!!!!!!

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I'm combining this thread with the Autocar rig as they are being built to go together...

this is where stuff is now!!!!! 

Autocar chassis with extension.... using Mack suspension as suspension from Autocar was used under another project!! Autocar was GotNitro's which I acquired not to long ago!!!!


Up next is where the Peerless trailer is at!!!! Both bunks are built now....

Autocar bunk







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