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Wheeler Dealer Escort RS Cosworth

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Anyone catch the Escort RS Cosworth episode?  The original designer wanted a 3rd rear wing element but the bean counters nixed it.  The boys fabricated a custom one from a spare top element.  Looks killer IMHO.  They tested the setup in a wind tunnel and it produced 30% more downforce.

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4 hours ago, cobraman said:

I never miss the show. I must say however but I liked Edd better than the new guy Ant ( ? ).

You know, I swore I'd quit watching after Edd left, especially with the rumors that they were going to be spending less time in the workshop. I was pleasantly surprised that the workshop time seems to be undiminished and that Ant is an engaging, enthusiastic guy who genuinely seems like he couldn't be happier to be doing what he's doing. As much as I like Edd, and will religiously watch whatever he moves on to, he seemed a little "over" the show last season. 

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6 hours ago, iamsuperdan said:

Two wings, three wings, doesn't matter. those cars are BA and I want one. Not as much as I'd want a Sierra Cosworth. But still. 




My Tamiya RS500 build.

Ford Sierra2

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