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Peterbilt fire truck DD powered

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11 hours ago, youngtiger1 said:

Hello Jaroslav,

Thank you for sharing those photos and tips. I was not thinking about aluminum and stainless steel with chrome. Those too are elements found on big trucks and fire trucks. I need to learn all I can about polishing paints and these elements. Most my modeling has been done building armor or jets and you don’t see much of these polished. 

Btw, I wanted to complement you on the hoses. You are right about shoe laces being not looking right. Your solution seems much better to my eye.??

May I ask, what kit number was this Peterbilt fire truck? TIA


Thank you, Mike. The kit number is 07529 and it´s no longer in production, I´m afraid. I bought it from a local fellow modeler a time ago.


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Yeah, I can imagine. I wonder if they reissue the fire truck some day. Meanwhile I painted the hoses. The yellow turned out much too intense for my taste.  I wanted a paler shade. But I also knew that most of it would be covered by a canvas. So, I just let it go. 





The real truck and the one on the box art as well show some details that are not included in the kit. So, I scratch built them myself. Don´t know what purpose they serve to, though. 



I added the CTM photo-etched lid to the fuel tank.


The kit´s mirror brackets didn´t look good so replaced them with an office clip wire.



.... and after.


The exhaust T pipe (or Y pipe, if you will) has no holders. I scratch bulit a pair of simple holders and added them to the assembly.


The canvas is made of an aluminium foil painted with raspberry red straight from a rattle can.






Now, just a few more details and paint retouching here and there and I think I can call this build finished.  





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Thank you Charles. I meant these details in the yellow circle. They are not included in the kit but they are present on the box art. And, of course, on the real truck too. I´d appreciate if you could sayl what it is.



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Right on both accounts.  The step can fold up out of the way.  The spanners are for smaller hose sizes such as 1-1/2" and 2-1/2".   Large diameter feeder hoses typically have quick connect couplings these days known as Storz couplings.  European design that found its way to the US back in the 60's.  Italeri had some European fire apparatus appliances and couplings in a nice little kit years ago.  Probably can be found at model show vendor's tables at reasonable prices.

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