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'49 Merc


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From the Eyeballin' thread comes the '49 Merc


I am not going to be using these wheels. This was just an experiment.
My thought was to maybe chop the top.


Immediately after cutting off the top I started thinking What the hell am I doing?!? I am definitely in uncharted water here!


At this point I almost bagged the whole thing.


Then I started to think what if I moved the rear window to the front... Not to bad. This look gives off a 50's vibe.


But I really wanted the low down in the back chop top look more.


Next I added a piece in the middle. Starting to feel a better about the project.


Then I used the cut off window frames from the doors to form the rear side window opening. I think it's a little too far back. I think if I end the opening at the pencil line, it would work better.

Stay Tuned...

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I like your Grill choice. Are you going to try and match it up with the stock parking Lamp moldings ?? I see you flipped the front Bumper also, it gives it another interesting styling element.  

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Thanks David. I'm thinking I'll completely drop the idea of a front bumper. Just kinda roll it around bare. I'm gonna try and cut the grille to fit the opening.



Added some mud last night



Then I took it off today


Then I added a little more.
Gotta hit it and quit it. I've never done anything this drastic before, so bare with me. I'm learning as I go.

Stay Tuned...

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I wasn't sure where you were going with the roof, but now it looks like a Hardtop, that they didn't have then, or you could even go for a four door Hardtop. The front Roll Pan instead of a Bumper would be in keeping with the Custom theme here.

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I have two of these bodies/ Here's the before profile


Here's the after profile. Subtle but makes all the difference in the world. I wanted to make it look like it's moving while it's standing still. Almost ready for primer.

So far I've cut open the doors, removed the window frames from the doors, shaved the door handles and locks, shaved all the trim, rain gutters and emblems, rolled the rear panel, shaved the wipers and lowered the back half of the roof and used the discarded window frames as the basis for the back windows.

Stay Tuned...

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After much back and forth, I decided to add in the skirts. They are meant to be mounted to the outside of the fender. This didn't go along with my plans so I cut them to fit inside the wheel opening and still retain that cool reveal at the bottom of the skirt.

Stay Tuned...

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