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12 hours ago, SfanGoch said:

Help yerself, lookit the pitchers an' let us know if ya find'em. :D 

Andy Griffith Show - Cars 1960 - 1968

Great pictures. I was not a regular viewer, but it seemed to me that Andy always drove a Ford of some type. When I saw the picture of the '66 Squad car I was pleasantly surprised. The Edsel Convertible was different, but then that was a Ford product and I think the show and or studio had some sort of product placement agreement with Ford. The black '57 Ford Fairlane 500 was special also.  Thank you for the link.

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No problem, David. A lot of shows had arrangements with the auto companies. The Beverly Hillbillies and Green Acres, both produced by Filmways Studios, used Chrysler products. Perry Mason almost exclusively used Fords and Lincolns. 

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Ford also had a lock on the early James Bond movies.  In "Goldfinger," we're lucky 007 didn't end up driving a Ford Cortina.  He almost ended up driving a Jaguar XKE, but Jag thought the movies might hurt their image, IIRC.  "Thunderball" makes me cringe when I see that '57 Ford Retractable blown off the road by the rocket-firing motorcycle.

It's kind of a give-away in movies when everybody drives the same make of car.  Except that sometimes the bad guys drive a competing brand.  Usually one that gets machine-gunned, or drives over a cliff in flames.

One of the best car-spotting old movies is "Kiss Me Deadly" from 1955 (Turner Classic Movies often shows it).  Mike Hammer drives a '54 Corvette.  His friend owns a garage specializing in foreign cars, so you see plenty of Jags, Triumphs, etc. from the era.  And there's a vintage TV connection in that movie.  Much of it was shot in the old Bunker Hill district of Los Angeles - the boyhood home of Jack "Dragnet" Webb. 

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It looks to me like the car that Barney uses is an Ford promo made by AMT while the wagon Is more likely a Korris Kars  1/25 toy (note the wagon is void of any Chrome) I did a search on Korris Kars and this may be the wagon used by otis, While the car Barney used had Chrome like the one in the second photo.



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4 minutes ago, slusher said:

You posted the page for the Andy Griffith show, which addresses this thread; for a more expansive search, the home page for that site is 

http://www.imcdb.org/  (or go to the link in slusher's post and select home page near the upper left of the page)

Once on the home page, enter the name of the movie or TV show and you'll see the vehicles used in that movie/show. Very comprehensive.

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I enjoy looking at all of these older cars. They bring back great memories beyond the  movies. It may have been a car your parents had or a neighbor, or maybe something you once owned. Sometimes they just bring back pleasant memories from a time gone by.          

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OK, got 'em. The lighter-colored one is a '64 Fairlane friction (see the black friction motor underneath):



The other one is the Processed Plastics knockoff of the Jo-Han '61 Olds F-85 wagon (note the trailer hitch):



Season 4, Episode 19, "Hot Rod Otis"'; original air date February 17, 1964.

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