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One day I get a massage on my facebook from a guy that saw one of my models of a Butch Leal pro stock that I posted on this forum. He wanted to buy it. I told him that I sold it many years ago. But I said I could build him another one. Well he said I want you to build it but just like my car. I was confuse but after a couple of days I realize that the photos were not from the original car but from a replica that he owns and drives in the Nostalgia Pro Stock series. I was stunt, so I started to find the kit and parts from by part box and this is what I have so far



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Yes, the White Lightning "Pro/Street" Firebird kit had gold plated parts and I just saw a cheaper one for $69.99 on ebay, but there were also gold plated parts in the Mean & Nasty Pro/Street Camaro kit and the Red Hot Pro/Street Thunderbird, not much "street" over these kits as they were the same kits as the earlier Pro Stock kits but without the sponsor decals...they even have slicks.
It's funny tho', Revell/Monogram never did a Pro Stock kit with the 1982-90 body, it was only issued as this White Lightning kit, only the later 1991-92 and the even later 1993-2002 Firebird body were done as Pro Stocks.

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11 hours ago, NYLIBUD said:

Actually,was this kit the white pro street Firebird one,with the gold wheels and parts?Reason I ask,is that saw one on eBay for $125,(Buy it now)No thanks.I don't know where some of these guys get their prices.


I got mine for $30 and was rapped but when I checked inside the nose clip was melted like from the factory, so I had to fix it myself and that's why you see some much work on the pictures

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