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Have been very busy with life in general and less time at the bench but not out of the hubby. Here is what I am working on. It is a replica of the Nostalgia Drag Racing P/S Colt.

The owner of the real car Bob Mayerle reach me to make him a model of his race car. So far this is where I am. Using spare parts and aftermarket pieces I think this can be done. 





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I built a 76 street colt with a 440 dual quad set up and lenko 5 speed linkage sold the car 2 weeks after breaking it in WILD DOESN'T describe this little car a 318 would make it go quick 440 made it an insane pro street. 

1999 the last time i  drove it a camaro challenged me went shoulder to shoulder when it broke loose next day it was up for sale. 

Sold it then went stock car racing on the roundy round and road courses. 

Neat build you have going on. 

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On 2/8/2019 at 2:37 PM, 3men2s said:





Looking very good so far.Also if you want a set of those older style Silver unpolished Centerline wheels, that I always liked,try the Rickie Smith T Bird P/S.They are perfect looking.


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Here are some pics of the old school Centerline wheels that I was talking about, that IMO would look great on your model.again,you can find these in the aboveRickie Smith T Bird Pro stock.And the car is coming out great.They are already polished,spiff go with those wheels,u don’t have to paint them.





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