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Mickey Thompson "MonoCoque" Mustang F/C: On the Workbench 3/21/19

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Hello......Bruce,Brad,Chris,Tim.......thank you so very much for the kind comments......I really do appreciate them:).......I made part of the body tins and started on the steering section......I also started working on the engine bay......thanks for looking 








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Again with the details John.  You captured the window scoop perfectly.  That's not an easy one, at least not for me, to have done.  The fitment of everything looks spot on.  Not that I'm surprised of course.  cheers

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On 4/4/2019 at 5:19 PM, Codi said:

 You've got a great set of reference material.  cheers, tim

He really must. Either that or the car is parked in his driveway. :D Terrific work as always John.

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Hello......Thank you all so very much for the kind comments.....I really do appreciate the kind comments......I would like to thank Codi and Chris Sobak for helping me out with some reference pics really helped ......I got the engine and trans mocked up.......I made a new timing plate and fuel pump and modified the manifold......and added some Sobak Design parts......it will look pretty when I add all the details.......thanks for looking













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