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Joe Handley

Welp, today has not gone as expected.........

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On 6/4/2019 at 1:10 PM, Joe Handley said:

Had a Dr appointment last night, she went over what the findings of all my tests were with me, she repeated what I saw where everything looked ok for my size and excessive weight.  I did express my concern about the blood pressure med I had started taking and she decided my blood pressure isn't bad enough to warrant that med, but advised I keep up on the exercising and diet changes then talk to my normal Dr in 3 months. 

I'm lucky compared to 2 guys on the RCCrawler site I also posted this on, one has to have back surgery and the other thought he had a small stroke but the MRI instead showed a mass in his right front brain lobe:o Liluckily the Doctors he's talking to think it's operatable and  and will be back to normal after they're done, he just needs approval to get the work done at Rush in Chicago first.

I recently found out I have type two diabetes and I weighed 220 pound.  I use to eat once a day (dinner) and never drank water. My weight gradually creeped up during the years which I ended up on high blood pressure meds. In diabetes class. They stressed serving size and to make sure you eat 3 times at day limiting each meal to 30 to 45 carbs. That isn't as easy as you may think because one piece of bread hits that limit. I stopped eating pasta, bread, rice and potatoes. I immediately noticed my bloat disappeared. And I do eat 3 meals a day. Drink water now. Do 30 minutes of exercise which can be anything. As long  as you are not sitting down. House cleaning. Gardening. Playing with the dog. 15 minute walk. All count. And I've lost 20 pounds over the 3 months span. Hopefully I can be taken off the blood pressure meds and maybe reversed my diabetes. I find out in 2 weeks.  Maybe this will help you in some way. Biggest thing was 3 meals but watch the portion size. 

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I have to add my amen to what has been said.

If you start feeling bad, DON'T IGNORE SYMPTOMS!!!

I just got out of hospital with congestive heart failure  after ignoring symptoms for weeks.

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