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1994 Volvo FH 16

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This is the best Italeri truck kit that I know. Volvo's FH 16 was very frequently seen on European roads so it is easy to say that it was perfectly replicated. Because the kit was released about 20 years ago it comes still with an authentic and fully detailed chassis. Sadly later Italeri kits had only a simplified generic chassis in order to keep production costs low.


When taking these pictures I damaged my usual paper brick wall backdrop. My wife gave me a plain white tablecloth as a stopgap. When looking very closely the fabric structure is still visible, but she thinks the new pictures look better than before, probably she is right.





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Nice build.
But it looks like a FH12 to me. ;)

Italeri hasn't been known for doing accurate truck kits and this one is no exception, the basic chassis and the TD120F engine and gearbox is the same as in their F12 kit and is hopelessly outdated for what this truck is supposed to be, the cab and outside parts are the only upgrades as they have done with most of their truck kits.
It's only very recently Italeri did a serious upgrade and the latest Volvo 4th generation FH16 Globetrotter kit looks to be quite accurate after what I have seen on pictures of it with D16 engine and more modern gearbox and an updated chassis with air ride...so that kit is the only accurate Volvo truck kit from them since the old F12 and F12 Globetrotter kits from 1981...the rest of them are more or less wrong.

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