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Oshkosh snow plow

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Teenie tiny update,  the Micromark chain / sprockets arrived , and I was blown away how perfect they would work..literally.  I took a section of 1/ 8 tube, bored it out for a smaller driveshaft,  and slid on the 8 tooth gears..easy peasy  !!! I attached the gearbox before painting 


I decided on an older,   aged color for the conveyor chain, mixing steel and burnt metal metalizer and spraying it thru my airbrush . Feeding the chain thru the hopper was a breeze...getting both sides even was entertaining...one or 2 links off ...but in the end, it lined right up.



now to add the paddles..an easy chore w my mini chopper . After they're installed,  the hopper is ready to mate up w the chassis. 

I played around adding the cab lights , door handles ,  grab bars and scratched a set of wipers ( not in pic ) . I ordered a bunch of spot lights from moluminum,  once they arrive..the project will be finished! 


Oh almost forgot ..a great suggestion by Tbill, I made up the rebound springs on the plow from fine copper wire,  and attached to spare rod ends from rb motion. 


Braided fish line and craft chain worked perfect for the cables on the side board wing too !!! 


ok now were all caught up!!! 

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          I missed the beginning of this build thread. . So I just went through the whole thing . I am truly impressed by your workmanship

and scratch building . Fantastic work.


    Be Well


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Thanks Gator  ! Lucky to have the real one close by .


Its almost finished !  I spent a few days adding the smaller lights , and got the plow permanently attached to the hitch. Theres hoses , touch ups , and it definitely needs some weathering to reveal all the small details that's lost in the black.

I added plow lights cast by moluminum, reflecting tape from line -o- tape , and the beautiful decals printed by Joe at Diecast and decals.  The plow width marker is copper wire in a drilled out tube for strength 






I've been trying to photo reduce the NYS plates for it, but they keep turning out blurry., any comments or suggestions welcome ! 


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The time finally came to add weathering,  something I've been hesitant to attempt after the paint turned out good. 

I wanted a rain washed truck, where the elements had caused the salt / sand dust to "run off " and accumulate in low areas . This truck was in rough shape , everything showed heavy rust rot..aka tin worm, but I decided to model it in it's better days. 

I am using tamiya weathering powders,  a sand colored powder w tap water . I started but putting on a thin mix and " rinsing " off the build up..some areas havent been washed back yet. 

The finished look I'm shooting for..the details stand out..even my weld date..and the dirt is washed off..20200316_171916.thumb.jpg.850c31ce8e8012faa5339ca2b2d5b1b6.jpg

a little heavy right now..but highlights the details ..the rear bulkhead would have heavy dust from loading the hopper and rising from the chain


The main plow is slightly too dirty right now , looks like they followed a state truck pounding their salt quota ..


the one area  I screwed up was gluing the tires on before applying any crud to treads , but I'll work some into them


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Well , its finally reveal time ! After cleaning off the excess sand ,  hanging the bike inner tube flap over the rear bulkhead it was finished  !!! 

A huge thank you to Chariots of Fire for braving DMV and getting the proper NYS plates for the plow, it's ready for duty !!! Thanks Charles 

Enjoy the pics 






I left some sand in the wheels to show pooling , surprised it actually worked out 




thanks to everyone following along and the comments I appreciate them ! 

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