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The Rodder's Journal?

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Ehh...Car Craft...it was from another publisher, The Enthusiast Network, TEN for short and now called the Motor Trend Group, wich appearently is under the Discovery Inc. umbrella, yes the Kabel TV Network...and has noting to do with The Rodders Journal.
TEN/MTG killed off most of their publications 2019.

In TRJ case I belive it started with the headquarters move from California to Virginia and then the Covid thing came along...but other publications have had no trouble getting out their copys to the subscribers, I have a couple more magazines on subscription and they come as they should.
The last thing I got from TRJ was the 2020 Holliday Catalog and a few email updates back in late January, nothing after that.

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Saw the notice on Hamb by Steve Coonen.  Sounds like things are not going well financially for them. Hope they can turn things around.  Would hate to on lose  Rodder's Journal.  Not that many good car magazines left.

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I received this email today. I worry its too little too late.


An Overdue Update from TRJ

We wanted to contact our customers and readers with an update regarding The Rodder’s Journal. It’s been far too long since we’ve communicated with you, and we are sincerely sorry for the lapse.
The past 14 months have presented us with some unprecedented challenges, and as a result we have fallen very far behind on our magazine production. Additionally, we know there are a number of you who are still waiting for merchandise orders. We’d like to explain what has been going on and what we’re doing to get TRJ back on track.
By the end of 2019, we had completed a few big steps in our five-year plan to streamline our business—namely bringing the printing of the magazine back to the United States, and relocating our company to a more cost-effective location. Although we think the results were well worth the effort, the process proved to have been more challenging, as well as more time and resource consuming, than we anticipated. But by the end of 2019 we thought we were positioned to hit the ground running in the new year. Then the pandemic hit.
The first issue of 2020, TRJ #83, was a disaster from a distribution standpoint. Thousands of domestic copies were lost or damaged as the post office struggled with their own COVID-related problems. Many thousands of copies destined for newsstands that were closed due to local lockdowns were destroyed. And pallets of magazines destined for Australia and New Zealand were lost in transit, so not a single subscriber in those countries received #83. Add to that a year with a significantly curtailed event schedule, and we found ourselves with our resources taxed to the limit and under significant strain.
But we made mistakes, too. When we began experiencing significant delivery problems, we decided to delay international product shipments and international delivery of the subsequent issue, TRJ #84, until we had assurances that delivery could be made within a reasonable time. We didn’t communicate that decision at the time because we thought the delivery problems would be resolved within weeks, not months. We should have communicated that decision right away, and we regret that we didn’t—we truly are sorry.
We resumed international shipping in November. But between the backlog of orders, the high percentage of orders that needed to be reshipped because the originals were lost in transit, and the mounting strain on resources, we were not able to get caught up on merchandise shipping, and we weren’t able to ship the international copies of #84 to subscribers. We were simply overwhelmed, and we failed to communicate with our customers. This lapse in communication, along with our holiday catalog not reaching most customers until well into the New Year (despite being mailed in November), left us struggling through a dismal holiday season and left some customers wondering about their orders and their magazines. We have been playing catch-up ever since.
The result is that we are struggling, but we’re still here and still working to get back on track. Our absolute priorities are to ship/reship merchandise orders, fulfill our obligation to subscribers, and finish production of issue #85, which is very close to being ready to send to the printer. We will keep you all up to date on our progress on all fronts.
If there is a light at the end of the tunnel, it is that it does seem like delivery problems are waning and things are starting to get back to normal. This really boils down to what’s been a major supply chain issue for us, and it’s affected our business in ways we weren’t completely prepared to deal with. And while some customers have been frustrated with the delays, we really appreciate that The Rodder’s Journal remains a coveted and relevant product that remains in demand now more than ever. We sincerely appreciate that support, and we are working hard to get back on track.
Your Friends at The Rodder’s Journal
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