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I picked this up at Hobby Lobby not long ago.  For $6 I couldn't pass it up.  This is the first aircraft I did since the 70s.  I like to think I'm a bit better at it by now.   This is a nice kit, fairly simple but looks good when finished.  It took longer to decal it than it did to build the kit. But decaling is not one of my strong points, although I am getting better at it.  Was surprised I didn't destroy any of them.   Colors are Metalizer Aluminum plate from a spray can and Testors red spray.  Built box stock except for radio antenna since I broke off the first one.   Comments welcome. Thanks for lookin'.




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Great to see P-51, you’ve done an excellent job with the paint and decals. As a kid In the early 60s I built many Airfix kits as they were plentiful, inexpensive and offered a good looking model. With the recent resurgence of Airfix kits with new tooling they have become even more attractive. Awhile ago I stocked up on the new issues and they await my getting to them.

Congrats Doug on a fine build, cheers Misha

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