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Hi, AITM  cab & frame with 34,000 lb suspension kit, shortened the frame, Front of pic, fitted pins to tanks , battery boxes etc, Helps for a strong joint in final gluing, Wheels are from M&G mouldings - modified to look MACK like. I pivot the suspension to make sure the wheels will sit on the ground. Also added basic plumbing. Front axle is metal from KFS.







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             Very nice project you have here. I like what you've done thus far . What livery will it  be wearing ?



   Be Well


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A truck I know well, my father was a long haul trucker, his company was small and modest and used Mack B's. You couldn't pick a better subject matter to do a big rig, they used to be everywhere. As a boy, I remember climbing up into my father's truck and in summers, his employer allowed drivers to take their kids along (amazing the insurance company permitted it). On long trips, I slept in the sleeper and recall hearing him crunch through the gears while listening to country music on the AM radio and smelling his pipe. And of course I loved the great food at truck stops. I look forward to seeing your progress on your project. 

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Hi , Been able to paint the frame, & wheels This will be metallic green cab with a black frame, I did paint the wheel rims green but have changed them to aluminium Chrome parts are alclad. The black is a mix of matt black & satin. Mudflaps are plastic card & brass tube with homemade decals.

Thanks for looking more soon.




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