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So I Finally Signed Up.

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Like most everyone else in this pew I'm new here. I'm a (recently) retired municipal government fleet manager. My experience dates from the 1970's putting new motorcycles together out of the crate (kind of like building models) to spec'ing and buying all of the cars, trucks, trailers, mowers, tractors, loaders and so on in a fleet of 350 pieces of equipment. When I started I was the only mechanic for my city shop. When I left we have six people taking care of the tax payers investment. Full disclosure, I've been reading the posts on here for about six months or so. Let me say I am impressed, wow. No, I mean WOW. Everyone on here builds at such a high level. All of your creations are amazing! I have found the posts on here so helpful and the support from this group so amazing that I decided to get after the throng of kits collected over the years. I have built plastic kits since about eight years old. But 50 years ago or so it wasn't like now. I mean the tools, chemicals, paint have really moved the needle forward. Finally, I want to say thanks for building such a haven for modelers. 

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