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Rockwell Rear Axles

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3 hours ago, Warren D said:

Looking for the same style as in the A-Car dump kit, ie, military.  Also need 1/25 scale.

Well you asked where to get one and I think the suspension Auslowe has is 1/25th scale as I belive it's pretty much a straight copy of the AMT Autocar Dump Truck suspension, I don't know of any other truck kit who has this suspension and I don't believe they have done it themselves.
I have it and it's pretty nice.

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What Auslowe calls a Rockwell is not the same as the A-car dump.  The USA military used Rockwells in their 2.5 and 5 ton trucks for many years.  The same style (as used in the AMT Autocar Dump kit) was used in many dump trucks of the 60's and 70's including Brockways and Internationals. 



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Both styles of Rockwell are correct, they make both traditional ring and pinion and top loader axles. The ring and pinion style is usually called by the designation F106. The axles BNL sells are recasts of the MPC monster truck axles.

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Well I didn't check in the A-car Dump Truck kit before I answered...but, the suspension looks to be a straight copy of the A-car Dump suspension and it's indeed a Rockwell suspension, but the axles are changed as they are not top loader axles like in the A-car and is ring and pinion axles instead...so it has been modernised slightly.
Many truck manufacturers use this heavy duty suspension and have different names for it, Kenworth call it Six Rod for example.

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