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Navy Chevy Fueler query?

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Hi folks. I’m kitbashing the Atlantis 1/48 Chevy stake truck and Fruehauf trailer into one of these, it’s going ok, they are exquisite kits. This is the only picture I’ve found of this rig on the whole of Google.

Chevy tanker

I’m not a truck expert by any means, can anyone tell me what all the gear is behind the cab? Looks like a pretty heavy duty pressure vessel to me, lots of pipework around it?

Any help gratefully received, pictures of a similar setup even better 



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When I was stationed in southeast Asia on the island of Luzon (Clark Airbase) back in the early 70's I worked on the flight line and that JP4 was some bad stuff.  We had to pee in big glass bottles and take it to be tested once a week.

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Looks like there are hoses, maybe to fill the aircraft??  Also looks like there is some equipment on the ground on the far side of the truck that blends in perfectly and gives the indication there is more behind the cab than there actually is.  My fueler experience is all with heavy combat vehicle fuelers but I will see if I have any old pictures that are helpful.

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This may have nothing to do with the original question, but. The coloring of the Transport and even the Tug look as if the upper portions of their bodies are painted a sort of school bus yellow ? Or is this just the way the photo was shot ? Under the Transport you can see what looks like a lot of dark or black matter on the tarmac in front of the rear wheels and under the cab ?? Also some sort of white matter on the rear wheels  of the cab ?  Makes you wonder when and where this photo was taken. 

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