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JoHan 1963 Oldsmobile


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I was totally amused today when a member of a certain Facebook model group complained long and heartily about the 1965 Lincoln kit, calling it bad and disappointing and totally negatory. "No detail underneath at all"  I had to comment, it was hard to be nice and respectful, but simply said he must have either never seen a vintage 60's model kit before or is totally ignorant of the history of kits; this thing was made in 1965! I built a brand new one in Quang Tri, Viet Nam! All kits like that were state of the art then. Apparently he didn't know about constant reissues either. So I showed my JoHan 1963 Starfire, with a gasser engine and yes, (wait for it.....) no detail to speak of underneath . OMG!!! NO DETAIL! Must be a bad kit! Sorry, sometimes people can really make you wonder if they have a brain. Bad mouthing AMT makes my head burn.















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Looks great and I think the painted chassis looks just fine. I have to agree with you about these early kits. I'm also old enough to remember these and I thought they were great at that time. We all get spoiled by what we have had for kits for several years now. I don't think some appreciate what they have to work with now compared to the earlier kits. One thing about these kits was the bodies  seemed very correct with little or no problems with their proportions.  

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