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Body damage how to?

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You have a cool idea. A brush with a Dremel sanding drum could give you the scrape effect and spot heat the area with a BIC lighter enough to push the area in for the dent may work. After painting, fill the scrapes with panel line paint. I have never tried this myself, so using a guinea pig body for experimenting would be in order. Show us how you make out. I’m sure it would be useful to others.

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The crash damage is replicated using thick foil pressed onto the good panel, before bending it up and setting it by back-filling the panel with body filler (to hold its shape). The foil crinkles a lot more realistically than the heat-and-bend technique

41039696914_bf503f9092_o.jpgeleanor01 by aus_mus, on Flickr
40858293485_6a809413be_o.jpgeleanor02 by aus_mus, on Flickr
40858294165_7c9ccc2201_o.jpgeleanor03 by aus_mus, on Flickr
40858294625_ff564ef4e8_o.jpgeleanor04 by aus_mus, on Flickr
40858295235_971338a5dd_o.jpgeleanor05 by aus_mus, on Flickr
40858295805_65a8300514_o.jpgeleanor06 by aus_mus, on Flickr
40858319135_6afe723f1e_o.jpgeleanor08 by aus_mus, on Flickr
40858319605_a0fc7775cd_o.jpgeleanor09 by aus_mus, on Flickr

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