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Revell Monogram '57 Vette .


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Here is our '57 Vette . To say this kit was a challenge for us would be an understatement . Issues we had : front and rear valance req'd extensive putty/sanding . Still couldn't get it to look right .

Would have been easier if their were some pins/holes for front/rear bumper guards . Windshield was too wide , glass was too big for frame , broke both trying to get them to fit .

This kit was beyond my skill level . I'll be the first to admit that .

Corvette box1.JPG


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Molotow 1mm Chrome stick for moulding between coves and body .

White walls were too large to fit into tires .We had to use a Dremel to open up the tire diameter . Tires were rather stiff material.

Had difficulty with front bumper guards .

front driverside3.JPG

front pass.side4.JPG

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Interior colour is Zero Paints Leather Colour Cuoio. BMF for chrome moulding .Interior door panels were a bit of a challenge to get them to meet up with door at BMF.

Body colour is Zero Paints Bugatti French Racing Blue .This paint goes on matte finish , something didn't quite work out the way we hoped with our paint .

Frosty looks happy , all ready for a Christmas cruise . Better get him back on the tree before he's missed .

To sum up : this might have been a kit beyond my skill level considering the issues encountered . Need  practice on paint/finish department .

 Enjoy . Thanks for looking . Robert.


pass.side view7.JPG

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Thanks for favourable feedback everybody .  We are pleased with final results . Sometimes I get frustrated . Take a break , re-group and come back next day .

 I was most worried about how the coves would turn out with the taping req'd  and the chrome strip between the blue and white . I don't think we could have

done that with BMF so we used Molotow Chrome Stick . 

 Windshield update: removed clear "glass" and chopped a piece from upper/lower frame , did a re-fit and got a better match up . Found some pliable clear and glued that

in place . Fingers crossed we can get a nice finished appearance .

Thanks again . Robert.

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Well here we are with our modified windshield attached . 

 Salvaged the original which had broken in two . After measuring width from side to side , removed pieces from top and bottom , re-glued and cleaned out all the 

old glue from inside . Next we used some clear plastic from a blueberry container , laid this out and trimmed to fit . Challenging operation.

 Then my wife held windshield in place while glue dried and there we have it .Voila ! 

Looks good .

Thanks for looking . Merry Christmas !


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What a great save. I was hoping you could pull it back as the rest of the build looks like it went really well. End result is really very nice, especially with your chosen colour scheme. You have great taste.

Atb, Steve.

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