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#24 Jeff Gordon Dupont/ Superman (1999 The Winston)


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I got the itch to look into building this scheme from two sources.

The first - I painted/ recreated this paint scheme in the computer sim-racing game NASCAR Racing 2k3. Moreover - I did so using a 3rd party program that allows users to create a faux 'chroma' effect for the cars in-game. And I was ecstatic with how it turned out. In the process of making this paint scheme in game I drew and shaded my own full-layered vector image of Superman for the side of the car based on diecast box art. And then I got thinking.... I have this asset now..... how else can I use it?



The second - the family and I were in Hobby Lobby and I wandered through the model kits to see that Testors in-fact had their own line of colorshift paints now. The Blue Galaxy color in particular caught my eye and looked pretty darn close to what I had seen of the actual Superman scheme while researching the car. Wheels turning....... What would it take for me to be able to use the vector graphic I had created and build an actual 1:24 scale model of this car using the colorshift paint?

I got it touch with Sam of 3AmigosDecals, who I've had previous dealings with, and put forward the idea to him. I asked if he would be able to use my Superman asset and then build the rest of the car decals around that to make me a custom printed set of decals. He loved the idea and we set about trading some test files back and forth to make sure we had things like scale and color correct. I was printing out the test sheets and then taping them to a body-in-white and letting him know if we needed to adjust anything. He DID clue me into the fact that a 3rd party decal company had produced a run of these decals waaaaaaay back in the day - but there was next to no chance of me locating a still unused sheet and (if I'm being entirely honest AND humble.....) ours was going to look better, lol.



We both agreed that because of the dark final color of this car - the decals would probably all benefit from white underlays. So we finalize a full sheet of decals with a full slate of underlays as well. Sure - some wouldn't be used. But they would be there if I needed them. Queue happy squeals. Now to do some paint experimenting while waiting for the mail to arrive!


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Pushing forward and trying a few more interior modifications than I had done with Andretti's Pontiac. I had a pretty decent in-car image of Jeff Gordon from 1999 sometime that I was going to try and base the look off of.



I knew the driver seat that came with the model wasn't quite going to cut it. So I dug into my junkyard and found one of the newer driver seats after Revell made the after change over.... so like >2003ish? I had to clip the driver side 'wings' off of the seat as they prevented the seat from sitting straight inside the chassis. But I'm going to attempt that little secondary triangular window net that was used during this time period so they weren't needed. Cut the plastic window net out as well - going to try and create my own! I also clipped the ignition modules off of a newer brace bar and relocated the fire extinguisher to a more accurate spot. Fabbed up my own leg protector for the side of the seat using some layered painters tape and glued that in place as well. Gauge dials were painted with my ever trusty toothpick! I'm leaving the steering wheel off because I have an idea to put a driver figure standing outside of the car. I think it is coming together nicely!






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Chassis update - only a few more pieces to go. 

I ended up adding a 'Ford' rear parcel shelf to this build as well because the Chevy ones included with the kits from this time period look horribly inaccurate when looking through the rear windows of the real cars.







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