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Converting Revell 78 GMC pickup to a slammed 2 wheel drive

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Scratch build or modify the kits chassis. 

should be able to use the rear diff and borrow/make another drive shaft from diff to tranny. I’m not should about removing the front wheel drive bits

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Barrow the suspension from the Revell (Ex-MonogramO Short Wheelbase Chevy Van. You will know you have the correct kit, if the van is 1/24 scale, not 1/25, and has one piece tires. This is the most recent boxing. I'd start here anyway, as the parts should fit the 78 Truck easily. Both This kit and the 78 were tooled by the same team, at the same time in the late 1970's.

 Revell MODEL 1/24 SCALE #85 7221 77 Chevrolet Van plastic model kit|plastic  model kits|model kitrevell model - AliExpress

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BTW, this kit will give a carb-ed engine rather the the Oddball Fuel Injected motor from the truck.

Look for the for the 3'n'1 Heavy Chevy for a possible motor with blower for the truck. On Old kit, it is 1/24 scale also.

70 Chevelle 3´n1, Revell Monogram 85-2715 (1998)

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Monogram 1/24 '65 Corvette has a nice (one of the best) stock big block/4speed combos, and there was a street machine version with turbine-style wheels.

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