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AMT 55 Chevy

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Originally bought this kit to make an old school gasser. Started building and I couldn’t get the interior tub to fit. I tried shaving down the plastic with an x-acto, after several bloody fingers I tossed it. I decided to turn it into a bare boned dirt track racer. I sanded off all the trim and filled the headlights and taillights with Tamiya putty. Opened up the wheel wells to accommodate larger tires. Built a crude roll cage from the parts tree and added some side and bumper bars. Plastic Performance wheels and tires. I resisted the urge to smother it in decals. 4F4AA08C-CA2C-42AA-9A99-0388DE43CD0F.thumb.jpeg.d0a8d6a9883e12d263a469c566af28f3.jpegEE5EB12E-12AE-43EE-90C4-4A22AB181BEB.thumb.jpeg.c2e0e12733941f25fd379e3bd179714a.jpegB1C34D11-EBF5-4E41-93F8-A03FA3CC99E2.thumb.jpeg.cd5a0a45401c4cf65cb4dc46c4c0e652.jpeg38F665ED-FA32-422F-8355-58A44D276BA9.thumb.jpeg.75717bbc5e68fd5fdc7f3d91eb5cafb9.jpegE9D1EF1A-2A79-479D-B082-8DF14988D216.thumb.jpeg.c57209f0460c2819f77f9b8973c4a660.jpeg58A3C10C-BFF3-49B4-BD20-BA4EA61789EF.thumb.jpeg.14559936aab4b164a3e223f0f0668c1b.jpegC1672D11-7E9D-41F1-BDD4-BEB9B06C2E27.thumb.jpeg.d76c3314c3ddb574186768b5f021a8d7.jpeg

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Great looking build, you may end up getting g moved to the NASCAR part of the Forum just because of the build style. The paint finish looks great and smooth. Reminds me of some of the grass roots race cars with little or no sponsors so the bodies stayed pretty clean.  

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