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MPC Mako Shark II


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Finished back in June. Started as two dirt cheap Street Fever Vette gluebombs. Kit #1 had most everything on sprues but with a badly mangled, heavily glued body, kit #2 with a mint body and glass but the chassis/interior/motor stuff having 40 gallons worth of glue. Obviously, the body from #2 was used with the chassis/frame/chrome/glass from #1. Kit #1 was missing the F/R suspension stuff & motor, while #2's elements were so badly melted and welded with glue on the frame they were unsalvageable. Both were missing small other things which were substituted with elements from the spares bin. Things like the hood, roof, and front glass were so atrociously fitting that they were tended to the best possible without breaking what is otherwise a hard kit to come by.

Front & rear suspensions and motor were lifted from a MPC/AMT C4 Corvette. The 350 SBC also has a custom fuel injected twin turbo setup, and things like exhaust/brakes/radiator stuff came from the spares bin. Wheels are from a C6.

Exterior is Testors Clear Candy Green over Rustoluem Silver, cleared with Pledge.





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