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Kinda obvious question but I gonna ask it anyway.

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There are a few approaches, depending on what you are doing while handling those tiny parts:

-you can line the tweezers with masking tape doubled over, so they have some stickiness

-you can use products like Fun Tak, Glue Dots or masking tape to hold the parts

-if you have a supply of old #11 Exacto blades, you can stab the part with the tip of the blade in a non-visible surface, and use the blade handle to position your part for painting or installing

-for photo etched parts, plain old Scotch tape can be used to hold them while trimming, and taking some of the stickiness from the tape works well for installing them

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Oh you need some surgical tweezers, the tips have grooves like pliers but much finer. When I had a gland removed in my neck , on follow up the next day they removed a drain and put in a stitch, the doc gave me a the pair he used. The scissors were horrible but the tweezers great.

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I can't remember where I saw this tip, but I tried it out and it works pretty good.  What I did was buy a set of not too expensive tweezers, you can find them at a bunch of different places, then I went to a local bicycle shop and they gave me a used bicycle inner tube.  I used 5 minute epoxy and glued a small piece of inner tube to each of the tweezers tips and then trimmed them with a sharp x-acto or scalpel.  It helps with gripping small parts.

Steve A.

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There is a company that offered short plastic sticks with an adhesive tip that would hold the part you're trying to place on a model. The adhesive usually was good for one or two times and would easily release the part with little pressure or support for the part you're attaching.  I found them at a local hobby shop, but I'm sure any of the online suppliers would also carry them. 

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