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Did you ever have an opportunity to be an ambassador for our great hobby?   I've had several, but the project described here, is probably right in the running for my most important along with an MRI trailer model that I built for the hospital while I lived in Kodiak Alaska.   This project went to the Nelson Pioneer Farm Museum in Oskaloosa Iowa.   Many moons ago, there was a decision made by my hometown to tear down a large section of the downtown buildings, and construct a mall in their place.   One building brought great sadness to the populace; that being the Rivola Theater.   Everybody in the town had some sort of connection with it, whether viewing movies, a place for dating, or for many, such as myself, being employed there.   I was asked to build a model of the theater, including the inside, but I was not about to tackle all that ornamentation, especially with the poor quality pictures that I had to work from.    I did finally subject myself to building the facade.  The project has been completed and is now in the aforementioned  museum.

420743_360533800632575_562132961_n.jpg.09b0ddda5a81b36abf5936837c73309a.jpgThis first picture is one of the photos that I had to work from.  The marquee had a tendency to change color with the whim of the current manager.   I chose to model it as it appeared in 1968.20.thumb.JPG.f478617f886bb9ac597d256ee0513a13.JPG

This second picture is what the museum received.


This last picture is where I staged vehicles and figures to represent the way that I remember the theater.



There is a beautiful feeling that comes from using the hobby to enrich and give back to our communities.    I feel like I'm an Ambassador for the hobby, and I encourage everybody to find ways that you too, can experience the wonderful feeling that fully enveloped me as this was presented to that museum.

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