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Penny's Pumpkin Patch

Chuck Most

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Built the Plymouth Arrow (MPC Dodge D50) some time ago. Just finished up a base for it. Base itself is an old AMT Prestige base, the rest is mostly ols scale railroad stuff. The pumpkins are some dehydrated things I found at a local craft shop. The signs are all made from craft sticks. The leaves are from AK Interactive. They're 35 scale but since as far as I know leaves aren't a standard size they look fine in 25 too. 20221003_131742.thumb.jpg.e2f864da65a3abd99f3c85e235a6b039.jpg20221003_131842.thumb.jpg.869c3fc51b9dc5c2e1af47fb8fc28681.jpg20221003_131855.thumb.jpg.541a4b924606d1f914832193b476a3d9.jpg20221003_132029.thumb.jpg.4e073d165e254c28836148affe62ab8e.jpg20221003_132101.thumb.jpg.143fff53b22c2350428e7c241eb45578.jpg20221003_132107.thumb.jpg.2bbdac0d284da891ede4717a97580a45.jpg20221003_132125.thumb.jpg.91481416dd22969769148adc9d32f173.jpg20221003_132125.thumb.jpg.91481416dd22969769148adc9d32f173.jpg20221003_132217.thumb.jpg.e4d459174cc5dde3ad450feefe0a6b95.jpg20221003_132233.thumb.jpg.caf72fbcfef90e2a83dee9f153e4cc67.jpg20221003_132508.thumb.jpg.9b08c2fe4a511db10cb8b120da5bd9de.jpg

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