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Hey guys! Well I'm starting a new thred on here that is my favorite on another site. Every saturday post some pics of what your work bench looks like and whats on it!! I really hope everybody desides to participate! I know it's a day late but my computer was being stupid last nite.

Here's mine:




and what I'm working on:





Hope to see some more pics even though it's sunday!

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Well its sunday, but here is my workbench in condition of saturday. I havent done nothing today B) Everything is on control ofcourse, there is some parts of Chevy van and some from `57 Chrysler and `62 Belair :D



I will edit my future pics on this same post, so i dont havto keep all of them in photopucket B)

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My bench used to look like these, MESSY!! But I had to clean it up because the plumer was coming to fix the pluged up kitchen pipe and it was right above my work bench!! Oh well it's clean now and it's amasing what you find that you've lost for sooooo long!! :lol:

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You asked for it, alot jammed in a small space but it's where I get it done,,,



This is where the building goes on,,,working on converting a 61' Impala into a Bel Air, then I am casting it and converting it to a Bel Air post with the porch roof on the back to build up our uncle's drag car the "Shade Tree Special" he has been racing it since 1967, it still holds some IHRA Super Stock 1/I world records ( classes they done away with ) so I guess it always will. This is the first year I have not saw that car go down the track in years, he has cancer. Sad.


This is where I do the clayin work for the resin, Thats the 64' Olds & 64' Falcon clayed up and ready to make molds ( they are done now, these pics were taken sat. before last.


This is where the resin work is done, have a few more pots I need to get set up,,,,


Well thats where I spend most of my time. Hope you enjoy.

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Here I thought the idea was to show how your work bench looked like. Not how it looked AFTER you cleaned it up for the photos.

Mine looks like Mercman,s before he cleans it up. I'll post photos later, after I clean up the bench so I can find the camera.


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It's a nice quiet Saturday here in Portland. Over-cast and cool.

A nice day to be lazy and play with my toyz - indoors :lol: .

Today I'm working on my restored '60 Buick vert.

Getting ready to bend up a new hood hinge.

This morning I finished the foiling of the trim, got the rear window trimmed and fitted, and glued into place, the vert roof glued to the body, and the interior installed - a good day so far B) , but I feel a nap coming on :lol::lol: .

Here's my play room - Gotta get back to the hinge now :lol: .



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Ok .., another start-stop Saturday, so may as well take some pics as I search the carpet. Been trying to get the Buildoff 60 Comp coupe somewhere but the parts keep wandering off on their own! Today the fuel tank and engine mounting plate took a walk. The plate you might see on the table is from a different kit that may donate itself if the other doesn't surface in a day or two. This is down in my basement and could use a partition behind the table to hang parts and tools on for easy reach ... but I have all the room I could want and it's serviceable .. except for the resident Carpet Monster.



UPDATE 11AM: Found the fuel tank ... dropped next to paint booth and ond end popped loose ... and found that! WOOT! .. just the engine plate now and can continue on..

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