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Here you see the bracket has been removed and ready to be filed down....


and here its been relocated.....


AHHHH the wheels are in the right place



these wheels require that you put the lug nuts on.....




here a pic of the finish chassis almost ready for painting, I figured I'd put it all tigether because it all painted black


Already looks like its coming out good lots a luck with it. :lol:

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Hey fellas sorry ive been gone so long, when it gets cold out here i cant build my little heater just wont heat my shop up good enough to paint and stuff. So i been chillin (literally) all winter waiting for the spring so i can finish the wrecker so i'll be back in action real soon cause were getting some warm weather now. see you all soon. Romell :rolleyes:

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Well I decieded that if I was gonna build a more modern Kenworth I have to make some changes right off the bat, so in this installment I was able to modifiy (not scratch build) the cab and sleeper. The resin cab i bought fell short of being Kenworth correct so follow along as I make some corrections......enjoy

this is the resin cab as it came....the windows are wrong and the cab hieght is also wrong so we'll fix that now....


here the window has been corrected , I removed the post in the window and I also reshaped it i also added 5 scale inches to the bottom of the cab. Not quit done yet but its better


the front window had a seperator in the middle also so i removed it , here I have the sleeper that came with the kit ready to be modified



This section had to be cut out because the more modern sleepers are intergrated onto the cab.....


See where Im going???


nice work but i would have started with the amt t600 cob so you had the bunk and curved windshield..
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ok fellas im back at it and its official !

I guess the first thing I need to do is show you where the wrecker is as of right now!


as you can see its in bad shape i have some broken parts and some missing parts , but all is not lost im gonna start by cleaning it all up and taking a good inventory of whats here and whats not. then im gonna start putting the cab interior together. ok so here are a few more pics to kinda get you up to speed. oh and sorry ive been gone so long but its good to be back! :o




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Ok heres my first official post in almost a year (i think) anyway let me see if i can remember how this goes. I wanted to work on something easy to get me inspired again (that failed misserably) so i started on the interior. I was gonna do it basic and simple (that never seems to happen for me) but i ended up putting woodgrain in it. here are a few pics of the start of things..... I hope you enjoy. B)

heres some of the materials i used.


what i did was to just make an ovelay of what was included in the kit.




now all thats left is to sand , stain and shalack.......

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