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1/16 Scale Army Vega Funny Car - Finished 10/14/2018


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Rogelio.... Thanks man.

Davewilly.... Thanks for taking the time to go thru all the pages of this build. I am sure it took a while to look. I am planning on having this done for the Desert Scale Classic next year for sure. Hopefully you will be able to make it out since it is a Local show here in Phoenix.

Alright Fellas.... I was able to sit down and do a little more work the other day and just haven't had the time to post up some pics of my progress. I started to work on the rear brake set up since I was burnt out of working on the front motor plates. I think I just needed a little time to work on some other part of this build to get me back on focus with this build. Here is where I am at with it so far.... Thanks for looking.

Here is the starting point with the rear brake set up. I have had the photo-etch disk's started and purchased TDR's disk brake and calipers set up to use the Calipers for this build:


Since the TDR calipers would not fit right over my photo-etch disk's, I needed to cut them and make them just a tad bit wider so they would fit.


Once I got the calipers cut in half I added some .060" thick Evergreen Styrene to space them out and then glued them with Plastic-Zap super glue:


After letting the super glue dry it was time to sand the pieces down and shape them:


Another view of them sanded:


Test fitting it over the disk:


Here I was making sure there was clearance between the rim and caliper:


Here was the second caliper that was done next to the first. The second still needs to be sanded down:


Here are both of the calipers sitting on the disks:


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Danno... Thanks Buddy!!

Henry... thank you sir.

Dave... thank you man, I need to shoot you an email . Just thought of a question that you may be able to answer for me.

Joe... thanks bud!

Jason.... You know, You are probably correct that they didn't have slotted and drilled rotors back then but since I was never able to find reference pics of this car with the rear tires off, I chose to go with these photo-etch disk brakes. The only really reference pics I have used for this car are the ones off of Prudhomme's Snake racing website. He only ran this car I believe for a couple of races and he didn't like how it handled so he sold it back then. I do know that Prudhomme's bought this car back from who ever last had it and he rebuilt it to what it looks like. If I was able to find pics of the rear rotors I could easily change out what I have since I haven't glued the disks to the hubs yet. I am debating if it would be worth redoing the rear disks since I am trying to make it as accurate as I can from the reference's I have.

Mark... thanks man I really appreciate the kind words.

thanks again for all of the kind words on this build. Gonna sit down and do some more work here in a few and hope to have some more pics to show soon.

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Hello All.... got some more work done to the rear brakes. Got the other caliper spacer sanded down and then worked on the caliper mounting brackets. Happy with the turn out on them and they ended up taking me longer than you would think because there isn't much to them but I ended up making them a few times.

Here is the Calipers after getting them sanded and spaced to fit the disks:


Here is the start of making my caliper mounting brackets. I took the TDR mounting bracket and traced it for the start and then will make to fit for my application:


This is the finished outcome of the mounting brackets once I was happy with them:


Here I had test fit the brackets to the calipers using scale hardware bolts:


Here is a couple of shots of the brackets and calipers set up on the rear end to get a visual of how they were going to look:



Here is a shot from above:


Now it's time to sit down and prepare the rear end so I can glue the caliper mounting brackets to it as well as a few things I need to fix on the rear end. Stay tuned and I hope to have some more updates for you later tonight. Thanks for looking everyone.

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This model brings back so many good memories.

I want to share them with you.

I'm from The Netherlands, drag racing was in the late sixties almost non exictent. My 10 year older brother bought Hot Rod magazine, What ever my big brother thought was cool, I thought was cool. Remember I was 10 y at that time, could hardly read English. So I got interested in drag racing. Fast forward 15 years, first visit to a "real"drag race. Santa Pod England. There he was, my Hero Don Garlits. I was so impressed, I took only one picture, of his back!! Couple years later, Snake visited Santa Pod. And I brought home the 1/16 Funny car and Dragster, in the saddle back of my motor bike. I build the FC for a friend. The dragster I still have, althoug its in bad shape.

(maybe Snake and Garlits visited within 1 or 2 years of each other, cant recollect)

Why share this? Because this FC kit got me started in Real drag racing. I,ve been Crew Chief on a dutch Nitrous Pro Mod for 20 years and later car chief for the only Dutch Top Fueler (Lex Joon)

We raced in the States twice, 2010, Vegas and Pomona (must confess with little succes) But my dream came thru, on the Strip, in the staging lanes next to the big names.

Well, now you know why this kit and the way Chris is making a giant succes out of this is really close to my heart.

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Very cool Chris. Love how you make it all look so simple....knowing that it is not always as easy as it looks...it sure make me want to try to do some more detailing and making things look right.

I have never thought about using Autocad to make scale templates to make better parts. I will have to try doing that.

I will be looking for the car at the DSC next year for sure. I have been at all of them in the past though this year I only made it as the contest area was closing up. But mext year I might eve get something finished to enter.

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Mike... Thanks bud.

Steve...Thanks for the kind words.

Hans.... I can't thank you enough for sharing your story with all of us. It means a lot to me that you wanted to share that. I think that is so cool that you were able to follow your dreams into Drag racing. I grew up around it myself. My dad used to help pit on a Top Alcohol Dragster before I was born til I was 13. I really wished he would of kept doing it. This is where my love for drag racing started. My dream job would be to use my engineering degree in the drag racing field some how but I know its hard to get your foot in the door. I would love to race myself. But I do have to say I love building models of race cars. I am planning down the road to build the dragster that my dad used to pit on. I think it will be a fun build.

Dave... thank you Sir! My biggest piece of advice for anyone is just to have patience. Sometimes some things move fast and other times I get hung up or not happy with a part and I end up redoing it 3, 4 or 5 times. It all depends on what it is.

Bill....Thank you.... man I can't tell you how bad and how I can't wait to get some actual paint on some parts. I am really close but I need to finish up some small details before I do. Plus the weather has been quite humid here lately from all of the Monsoons we have been getting. But Know I am so anxious to pull out the spray gun and start squirting some paint.

Charlie.... thanks buddy.... I sure can't wait to start putting to use your braided line and parts. your parts will add a lot to this build.

John.... thanks my Friend.... You know I gotta keep up with you man ;) ..... guys like you, Clay, Bill, Rom,Dave, Joe, Bart.... and I know I am missing others have set that bar high. I just want to be able to build just as good as all of you.

Joe.... Thanks man...

Well guys I was gonna post some more pics of the rear end and caliper mounting brackets but I am holding off until I fix them. Dave (comp1839) was kind enough to show me how the brackets were supposed to go and I sorta goofed up when I glued them. So I need to fix them and will be back in business. Hopefully I will have some pics to show tomorrow. Thanks again everyone for following along. Its much appreciated.

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Dave... Thank you man!!....

Well guys I was able to have some bench time today and I reworked my Caliper mounting brackets. A big thanks goes out to Dave (Comp1839) for showing me the way they should have been and not how I had them. Anyway I am so much happier with them now. With out wasting anymore time here are the pics....

Here is the new brackets that I fabricated, as well as you can see where I had glued the old ones:


Here is the rear end with the new brackets glued on as well as the old ones. I left the old ones on to be able to line the new ones up in the same place:


Here is a pic showing the removal of the old brackets:


Here is a mock-up shot of the caliper and disk. Looks much better now:


Somewhat of an up close view:


I still have a little more clean up work on the rear end and brackets. I need to add a few filler pieces but then once that is done I should be good to go and I can shoot some more primer on it. Then it should be ready for paint.

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