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69 Daytona Pro Mod 1/16th scale updated 4/3/12 ..It's a wrap!

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@ Rom : Thank you very much for the great explanation. This sure helps out a lot.

@ Bart : Thanks for the pic. This gives a total new point of view to things.

@ Dave : Thanks for the pic and explanation about the "real" materials used.

This is awesome for me, I'm learning very much here. Now I need to get me some time and start getting the materials for a proper build.


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Okay I am confused What are the round pieces sticking out from the frame? Are you going for a not finished car and these are going to be the cleco fasteners? Sorry sometimes I can be a bet slow.

Hey Jim the parts that stick out will eventually be mounts for the tabs that hold the window to the frame I made them long so I can cut them to the preciese size so the window will be held at te correct distance from the frame.

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typically the tubing around the window is 3/8" chromemoly. there are typically tabs welded to the tubing. the bolt size is typically a 10/32 button head or (if you are into a lot more work) a flathead. i say typically as there are as many variations as there are stars in the sky. these numbers will put you in the ball park.

Thank you Dave I always appreciate your knowlage on these subjects you always seem to help nug me in the right direction.
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Well today it was back to the drawing board for me. the picture dave provided proved invaluable. and it showed me another way to do my window frames. this will be the last set I do, as this one will be correct once finished. anyway on with the update.

I had to make tabs for the window to attach to,... talk about some tedious soldering! :blink: but it had to be done. I started by drilling some holes in thin brass with a #61 drill bit then I cut my tabs around the holes


this is the size of the tabs I had to solder onto the piece of wire used as the frame.


the soldering starts


ok I think I can live with this.....but i still have some details to add..... :wacko:


I hope you enjoyed this update. B) Thx again Dave for all your advice thoughout the project.

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Charlie : sure man we can crank out 1000 more as long as my delivery date can be in the year 2112 LOL!

John : they are really small huh....imaging me trying to solder these things ,... now imagine me pulling my hair out with each one LOL!

Scott : yeah I dont do good work when i get lazy I needed someone to give me a wake up call so I could get back to business as usual.

Thx fellas for your kind compliments.

Now I have a small update with the doors partially put together I'll let the pictures do the talking.






Thx for joining me again. B)

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That's looking really great, Romell, and I commend you for making this change. You're starting to act like Chris with the chassis rebuild of his Army Vega! LOL

Hey Scott... its a new fad to go.back and redo it all :P... lol. Just as you staed I give Rom lots of credit for going back and redoing the work he already did. The rework looks great. all I can say is we are dedicated to our builds. nice work buddy.

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Thx fellas for all the kind comments,

Well since Im getting back in the swing of things I thought Id finish the window frames up with one more touch let me know what you think.

again i'll let the pics do the talking






The rest on the next page.......

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