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CORDVETTE! A Modern Classic...


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A work of art, lra. Excellent from start to finish. You have inspired me to slice & dice yet another one-off custom of my own. You are truly teaching us how fun & rewarding this hobby can be. Thank you, sir, for that! Bart.

Thanks for the kind words Bart!

Looking forward to seeing your new project... B)

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This build turned out absolutely beautiful. What an incredible talent you have to be able to envision such a combination, and then be able to turn it into reality. It was informative watching this on "On the Workbench", and the finished product is a real departure from your "Deals Wheels" creations!

Really nice job Man!

Thanks for the kind words Mark!

The Deals Wheels are a nice break from the regular models.... B)

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Everything looks great on this, Ira!! Love it! Your imagination really clicked on this.

Thanks for the kind comments Tony!


Hi Ira, Congratulations!!!!! Wonderful creative process. Had fun following this one!


Thanks so much Randy!


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Missed these pics, and what can I say that hasn't already been said?

You have some serious talent Ira, not only are you a wiz with the razor saw and plastic, but to design something so sleek and smooth out of the smorgasbord you started with...

Well done mate, class act B)

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