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Project Six Pack Roadrunner


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I did dull coat a set of wheels but I must have done something wrong as they came out looking foggy and milky.

I made several mistakes on this build including decal placement and other bonehead moves.

I will post more photos in the drag racing section tomorrow.

Thanks for looking.

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Are the 1:1 car's wheels aluminum? Testor's Aluminum buffing Metalizer would be a good choice for that, but you really captured the look of the real thing with this build, especially the ride height.

Who made the decals?

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WOW !!!! That came out NICE !! Dead ringer :D .

Sweet six pack! Don't use dullcote. Try the "Looking glass" mirror spray from Krylon. It makes kit chrome look like real chrome and it almost doesn't matter what you do you can't screw it up.

Absolutely . Krylon's "actual" chrome looks very convincing , especially on valve covers and air cleaners . Highly recommend it . Works over gloss black (or naturally-moulded black) or even enamel steel or aluminum .

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