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1937 Mercedes-Benz L 10000 Scratchbuilt 1/24

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Thanks for all further comments.

As said in the topic my L 10000 shows the 1937 model. 1938 Mercedes introduced a modernized cab that anticipated the early post-war styling of all Mercedes cabs. In my opinion this modernized cab is far less attractive. Maybe you agree. I found this 1938 picture (photo by courtesy of Daimler-Benz AG/ Daimler AG) in my old files:


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I can´t belive I missed this somehow. My main focus is on American truck models and this was off my attention at first. Untill now. I didn´t realise it was a scratch build. That changed the way I look at the model. It´s really top class job and it sure deserves lots of respect. It takes a great craftsmanship to achieve a look like this with all the parts being home made. And if there´s no surviver in the real world, that makes it even more unique. You did fantastic job in three fields... the research, the model building and picture taking. I have nothing but very very deep respect for you. And I am sorry for overlooking your great build.

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Thanks again!

Wow just awesome. Just wondering if you ever showed Mercedes museum your model ? I bet they'd love to display that . It's deffinently worthy of a museum.

I doubt that they would be interested. But even if they were I would never have the heart post-11944-0-00908300-1385575284.gif to part with one of my favourite models.

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