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ProStar and Featherlite Transporter

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Looking good. I am really interested in how you are going to do the doors. Where I am stuck with mine at the moment..

After building three , I am still stuck at doing the curbside door, but I did figure out how to do the compartment doors , the lift gate is auctally pretty easy, I just started on, I will get pics soon

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Got a little bit of work done on the trailer, roof is cut, but I had a hard time getting a straight line traced so, I have some work still left to get it even with the sides, and added strip styrene to the sides as well
and the track for the lift gate, dont mind the un evenness, I will take care of that, and dont mind the cardboard, just there to give some support for the sides

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Interesting build.

I'm planning to do a Featherlite type 53 foot race transporter trailer myself in the future so I'm following this with great interest.

What are you going to use for the trailer suspension?

Probably wont to be honest, I am just going to attach the wheels to the frame rails, I have not figured that part out, I will try and find the picture that I found that shows some of how the axle's are attached.

Did some work on the interior, borrowing the idea, I used two different thickness of sheet plastic, I used .15 to make the cabinet doors

Right side


Left side


and most of the work is done on the lift gate, this all in mock up , so excuse the masking tape, it is fully functioning up/down/closed position





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piece of round tubing and a wooden scewer makes great axles. you can ask kilrathy on here about them he can give you more details. he has built a couple for me and thats what he used and they work out pretty well. his name is jt so check with him and maybe he can send you some pics. trailer is looking amazing keep up the good work.

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Dude, I really like your lift gate work....I never really knew how to approach that part of my trailer builds....I like this....I'm gonna have to "borrow" that one for my next trailer build....And I'm with you on the suspension....Doesn't really seem necessary when everyone is only gonna see the interior.....And thanks Jeremy for the "shout out"....

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Making a good bit of progress, re did the roof, and starting to get the all the interior bits ready to go in, also cut the piece's for the lower level ceiling/upper level floor, no pics yet, but will soon, but I do have pics of the extension part of the lift gate,

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Up first a rear view, and darn bunnys, they are everywhere
Looking towards the front of the trailer on the upper deck
rear portion of the lower level, still working on the lower level interior, took some more pics, but didnt like how it looked, I need to try and fix some things in the front part of the trailer

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Looking good. What, or how are you going to make the compartment doors work?

That is a good question, I am going to use plastic rod and shape sort of in a z shape, then use just a little bit bigger round stock that is drilled out, and fit the ends into them, I will take some pics when I get to that point

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